Sunday, December 29, 2013

Well the first picture is of the spanish chior that we have been practicing for. We finally performed yestarday and it was super sweet!! We loved it alot. It was a cool experience to be apart of something like that.
The Second picture is of THE SHADOW NINJA MOUSE!!!! ya i am pretty bummed out that i didnt get to go deer hunting last year. but the mighty hunter will find a way to fill the emptiness of his heart. Ya i chased it and stomped on it.- Mean Mug.
The third picture is of me fitting 3 cookies in my mouth at once. Ya it was a challenge but i put my skills to the test and came out victorious.
This week was great! District leader from day one was super busy. I have been on my toes with everything. There is a new elder in our district who is suffering from homesickness. So i called him and assured him that i would suffer with him. I am pretty homesick myself. But i told him that we just need to see the big picture and not worry about our families. Whatever happens at home is 100% Gods Will. I have been getting phone calls left and right for opinions, questioins, you name it, its gonna happen. Crazy life. Just what i needed with 2.5 months left. I wanted to take the rest of my mission slow. Not happenin. I am going to be very busy which means time goes by even faster. 
Well thats about all thats going on here. O YA!!! we were riding past the cowboys stadium and AC/DC was playing life. Made my day.. haha I love texas!!!

O MY ICE!!!!!   So we are sitting there at about 9:45pm and our phone rings. Its a member warning us about a potential ice storm. Yaa whatever. Well we went to sleep and woke up with 4 inches of ice. The first Picture is of the snow. All of the roads look like this. This is a field but all of the roads are caked on with ice and nobody not even the city owns snow machines to scrape of the ice. So we spent 26 hours or so this week scraping off ice and snow from peoples cars.. it was quite a chore to do all of that. We had a pretty slow week but its all ok.
The second Picture is of my district at the end of the transfer. We had a few funny moments. I am pointing at my district leader and i threw him up on my companions shoulders in less that 5 seconds. Haha! ya we are having fun here in arlington.
So I got a call from president Ames and he asked me to be district leader here in arlington. I told him that i would except and do my best for him and the lord. I am a little nervous but i know that i can do it. I love the lord and his work> I only have two transfers left. 12 weeks. I love you all and thank you for your love and letters.

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

Well the first picture is of Elder Soto and I. Elder Soto was a missionary that went home one year and four months ago. He is way sweet. It was really cool to see him walk into the chapel yestarday. He is also from colonial juarez and knows grandpa and grandma call. Its pretty cool. He is now on his way up to utah for his brothers wedding.
the second picture is of our thanksgiving dinner we had with the Garcia family. They are way sweet. I love the garcia family. Thanksgiving was a good day.
The third picture is of us and our cowboy/cowgirl outfits we wore to dinner on thanksgiving. Yes the yellow boots are mine also. I let my companion borrow them.
Well this week was a really good week! We got alot done with our members. This week we had 2 double exchanges and 2 regular exchanges. I went with Bishop Campos out to teach a few lessons. It was amazing to feel the love that our bishop has for each of his members. Also as we were visiting, people love telling Bishop about their Dreams/visions they have. These people are from the tribe of manasa, so they are called the "dreaming people." They are able to recieve revelation through their dreams. It was amazing to hear 8 wonderful stories about people being guided in their lives. I love this work and the people that i serve with.
Only one week left in this transfer and then its two till home,....    

November 25, 2013

So i am been a little off the board for a while. Sorry for that everyone. I am been pretty busy and i know that i need to pay for attention to yall. So this week was full of awesomeness. I had alot of fun with my companion and we got alot of work done. We have been working hard to find new people to teach. I know the lord sent us here to find the people who are needing Jesus in there life more and i promise that i will find them who need our help. So we have been searching high and low and under bridges and even under rocks and we have not really found anyone. but we did find Brenda Martinez. she is living with a member who was baptized 16 years ago in El salvador. They are not married. This is the only downfall. But unlike other experiences like these. He is not married to anyone else in el salvador. so it is very possible for them to get married. We are trying to help them get married because they want to get sealed. Boris lived in orem utah for 4 years and never got to go to the temple because he was not active. He has a goal now to get married baptize his girlfriend and in a year get sealed in the salt lake temple. he has no where to stay in a year when they go to salt lake to get married. so.... :) mom and dad? I hope thats ok? We are working with him to accomplish all of their goals and to get them hitched.
So the first picture is of elder melville and I at chior practice yestarday. We had been there for 3 hours and it was gettin greally borring. This christmal program is suppost to go really good. It is the stake activity that they are putting on. We are going to sing as missionaries all three of the days.  the first day is a missionary chior from out mission with 74 missionaries. The Second Day my companion and I and a few more people are doing a combined number with the young men and women in the spanish ward. and the third day is the spanish wards chior time. We have been practicing alot for this chior deal. so hopfully it goes good. one of the guys in the spanish chior is named edwardo duncan from the mormon colony juarez. he says he know the Call family. Pretty cool.
Picture #2 is of my hammer and I. I love my hammer. We go everywhere together. We have a "fix-it" relationship. We like fixing things around the house. Even our companion when he gets out of line. Haha i am going crazy. Good thing there is not alot of time left till i am home or i will be crazy! haha jk.
Picture #3 is haha. well there was no more room in the car. So i had to fit like a box behind the drivers seat. Hhahaha. i am still small enough to fit in small places but big enough to fight off anyone that is an enemy.
Well I love the mission field. We are getting alot of things done here in this are. I know that this church is true and that if anyone wants to serve a mission. even if you dont want to . Its really good for you to go. There are currently 47 full time missionaries in the Malad, IDaho stake. Jacob, wyatt, mckenna, Spencer, Regan? why not make it 5? what are you going to lose. Here is a quote from elder James e. faust. "Concecration is a surrender, but is also a victory." study concecrationa become concecrated and you will have the victory. I love this work.
Horrah for isreal!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,
   First Picture: This is a chinchilla. I have never seen of of these. it was hissing at me alot when i was around him. I dont know why but he was.
   Second Picture: This is me in a tree. haha i scared the missionaries we were with. I swung down and scared all of them half to death.
   Third Picture: This is my companion. He fell asleep. I  got bored of him being asleep so i put an expo marker to work. Haha he woke up and it was a good laugh. he thought it was funny. Nothing has happened to me yet since i have been to sleep.  it was alot of fun.
arlington is full of hispanics. my companion and i set a goal to contact 40 people a day. Yestarday we contacted 66. It was a good day. there are alot of apartments here which it makes it easy to find people. I really like this area. I will see yall in 3 months and about 15 days. not that i am counting.

November 11, 2013
Hey Everyone.
   Sorry I have not written for a while! I randomly got a call the night before transfers telling me i was getting transfered. I only had 4 hours to pack everything I own and got transfered more north. The work has been amazing. I left A baptism in waco. pretty sad but she still got baptized and she has goals to be sealed in a year.
My new companion is Elder Melville. He is from Utah, again. and he is such a good missionary. He is a hard worker and loves to teach people the gospel. He knows the doctrine and has an undiing desire to share it with everyone. He has been out for as much time as i have left. haha. he loves the mission and we get along great!
So we have been trying to find new investigatores. We found one man named miguel Rios. He has been pronounced dead 4 times and doesnt know why god has kept him alive this long. We testified that it is because he needs to be baptized and he agrees and wants to be baptized. We are working with him. Throughout his accedents, he now has alot of brain damage. but he still can talk and feel the spirit. We are very excited for him to be able to take this step and be baptized.
I love this work and i am vey sad because its drawing to an end. But that is ok because life goes on. I will just keep trucking along doing my hardest to become who the lord wants me to be.
Love yall.

-- Elder Dillon Glen Allen

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21, 2013

The first Picture is of my companion and I waving at the camera. Elder Ostlund is from South Jordan, Utah. He is 6' 5" and loses every time we wrestle. Just like wyatt will lose in 4 months and 18 days.... ;0

The second picture is of one of the Waco Specials I see daily. Black people drive these raised up crown vicks. Ya those are both of my shoes under that car. crazy people. 

The third picture is of A SNAKE!!!!!!!!!! 

Well this week was pretty good. We had a member referal from zabdiel. His girlfriend Ilene Rivera is now going to be baptized november 2nd and confirmed november 3rd. IT is going to be a busy week. Loveyall!!!

October 14, 2014

The First Picture is of my music bear and I. This bear (DJ teddy) and i have been all over Texas together. We do not have any relationship together except that of music. O heavens i am treating this bear like tom hanks did Wilson in cast away!

The Second Picture is of my hat and I. Also my hat and I are really good buddies. We are going to do alot of things together when i get home in 5 months from today. We are going to dig holes together, probably ride horses together and go hunting and fishing together. That will be fun. Isn't that neat.

The Third Picture is of The Mean Muggin Alligator. I do not know who the weird kid is behind the mask. But he apparently is wearing an alligator hat. Who the heck does that. O that's me.

Well now to the serious stuff. We have three baptismal dates, Jose Mexicano Saldana will be baptized on october 26th!! hopefully. Armando and Esteban Martinez are nephew and uncle. They will be baptized November 2nd. I am very excited for all of them. They all have been doing so well. Esteban randomly suprised us yestarday with some mole!!!! o ya mole is so good. It is a kind of meat smothered in spicy peanut-butter-chocolate and chille. MMMMM the best. Esteban is a really good guy.
Shout out to all of those amazing General Conference talks! Whoever agrees with me about how awsome they were,, write me and tell me in a letter. That will be really nice. (haha did you like what I did there. Now yall are trapped.)
 i will make it easy
 4502 lakeshore Dr #1207
Waco, Texas 76710
Love yall!

September 30, 2013

Picture #1: Your missing a very important person in this picture. Dont worry I got yalls back. Dad your foot looks good.
Picture #2: Well this is a bit of art that my companion and i came up with. We have the force. and i aparently am diing in this picture.
Picture #3 This is my cowboy getup. I finally sealed my outfit with the hat. I did not pay a dime for all of my cowboy stuff.
This week was really good. Waco is a very nice area to work in. So what i mean is it is a little dirty and not alot of morals. perfect enviroment for missionaries to be in. We are going to do very good here. I am very excited for the future. Sorry i dont have much time to write a bigger email. But i love yall and dont have too much fun without me!

September 23, 2014
Hello Family and Friends!!!!
Waco is Weird. It is just like Weatherford. So I have come to a conclusion that I get sent out to the country for the winter and the city for the summer. Here are some pictures.
This is probably my favorite companionship. The guy in the middle is our zone leader. He was our companion for a week because his companion got sent home. Haha i am just kidding his companion is the new asistant to the president. The green house in the backround is where i lived for 4 1/2 months of my short life.

This is Gismo. We found him about 4 months ago. We were just being regular old teenagers and messing around. We found a hill and tried throwing rocks up it. Ya we are children. He was at the top of the hill. We talked to him. He quit everything he was doing that was violating the word of wisdom and the law of chastity in one day. He started reading the Book of Mormon and now has a testimony of the truthfulllnes of this gospel. He will be baptized in the near future. He is a man that has impacted my life greatly. He is definitely my best friend here in texas.

And coming in as the best family in the world.... The Cantu Family. This family is the best. David on the left is straight up a thug. He is sweet. Good guy. He knows alot about life and just how to make everyone happy around him.  The kid looks like he is cute but he will get you if your not looking. Haha i love baby David. Bridgette is Olgas daughter and Olga is on the right. This family is the best family i have ever taught here in texas. Olga and bridgette are members and David is not. Not yet.. BFITW- Best family in the world.

Well that is about all i have got to say. Peace out. Dont forget to write me. my addresss is:

4502 Lakeshore Drive #1207
Waco, Texas 76710

Monday, September 16, 2013

Well I am getting transfered to Waco, Texas. I will finally after 9 months on a bike be back to a car. My new address is.
4502 Lakeshore Drive #1207
Waco, Texas 76710
This is my 5th area. I have been in every one of my areas for 18 weeks each. I believe that i will end my mission in waco. It is a smaller town than fort worth. It is my second biggest area. I am leaving the worst part of the mission as far as crime to go to waco. I am pretty excited.
I do not have alot of time due to transfers but i love you all and hope that yall are ok. Write me if you get bored. O ya this week we had  elder anderson from the 12 and elder callster from the seventy come to our mission. I also saw dallas degn there.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This week was so great!
Picture #1: Elder Mckinnon and I got to go to the Temple this morning.
There is a new temple video. If you have not seen it yet, You really need
to go and see it. If you have seen it, go again. I loved the video and the
session. I learned a lot. I have not been to the temple in 16 months and
it was just so amazing. So many questions were answered and so much
was brought to my understanding. I loved every minute of it. Mom can
get permission from President Wray to go to the Salt Lake Temple when
 I land before I am released. I will see if that is ok from this end. Thanks!

Picture #2 Is of Elder Mckinnon and I's Exchange last night. We got
Some really cool shirts from our investigators. I think my shirt really
matches me. I also got another levi looking hugo boss shirt. the shirt
 I am wearing is a "Guess" shirt. This exchange was really good.

Picture #3: Is of Idaho License plates! This made me really happy
to see someone from Idaho in Texas. Happy Day! I will see yall in 5 1/2
months. Love yall.

P.s. Don't forget to write!!!
Cherish Every Second.
Elder Dillon Glen Allen

Friday, August 30, 2013

Picture #1 Thats whats up. Our investigator gave me her biggest bear. Not sure if or how i will get it home. :)
Picture #2 Is a sneak peak. Enough said.
Picture #3 Is a bag of ties that our investigator gave us. People love us here in northside. yup they do.
Hey Family and Friends!
      This week was the most critical week in my mission. As i become more and more converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ, the harder things get. I am proud to say that Satan has not won this week. Elder Allen has. I am so happy to be a missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints. If you are not a missionary and you are worthy and able to go and you haven't. Period. Have some dang faith and repent for procrastinating. Go, you will never regret it. Fear is the opposite of faith. "Every Member a missionary." -David o McKay
Sorry for being harsh... honest. This gospel has changed the lives of thousands of people, and i am a witness of that. As an outcome to this, i have changed. It is very important to never say, i will do it tomorrow. I can do my home teaching another day i have all month to do it. I will go help that person if the husbands not there. whatever it is.... Procrastinators unite tomorrow. I am so proud of all of my family and friends for the support they give me while i am out here on the lords mission. I am so happy that everyone is doing good.
Really quick before i leave. We had a really cool lesson this week after we gave service. A husband and wife were fighting immediately after the opening prayer. they have been competing to see who can read the book of Mormon the fastest. Well, all we said is, its not a race we need to read it together. Just like Elder Holland said, It is never too late so long as the Master of the vineyard says there is time. "It is never too late so long as the Master of the vineyard says there is time." I know this to be true. We still have time. Love yall

Monday, August 19, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,
 First I apologize because I cannot write everyone personaly, I really have no time to do so. Second this week I do not have any pictures. But on the good side there is good news. So about 7 weeks ago, President Ames said to not tract if at all posible. So We have not tracted for 7 weeks and we are seeing alot more member involvement. It is amazing to see progression at its finest. I am so happy to be a missionary and to be serving for the lord.
THank yall for your letters and thoughts. If you get a chance this week go out on an exchange and have fun with the missionaries. You will feel the spirit.
Member work is the best work for missionaries. If not we tract all day and its not fun. Work with the missionaries. trust that god put them there. Trust them with your friends.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Picture #1 is me eating a delicious hamburger at Braums. Braums is the best burger joint in Texas
Picture #2 This is Elder Newman and Walker. Newman left last week and Elder Walker got his visa to go to Peru Yesterday. So he is leaving at 7:00 pm. :( He by far was the best visa waiter I have had and perhaps the best companion I have had.
Picture #3 This is my new companion Elder Barnette. He is a stud.
Dear Family and Friends,
     This week was amazing. We had alot of work to finish. Elder Barnette is our new District Leader and he is doing an amazing job. He is really focusing in on the importance of setting goals and evaluating ourselves everyday to achieve your goals. So I have set a life goal to accomplish: Become Converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ by utilizing a scheduled study time. By doing this I will always have personal study from the scriptures daily, during my mission and after the mission.
     We have been working with the Cantu Family this week. Olga is a member and her husband David is not. Olga's daughter is a member also, her name is Bridgett. We are helping them establish a foundation in Christ through Daily Scripture study and Prayer as a family. They Text us every time they do it so that they can be accountable to someone which in return motivates them to do better. They are a wonderful family and have alot of potential. They also came back to church for the first time in a very long time. They are amazing. I love this family.
      Thank you everyone for all of the letters of support and encouragement. I will and am writing you back

Monday, August 5, 2013

So we all went bowling. last week and it was a blast. I loved it. But anyway. My trainer goes home this Thursday and my current companion is getting transferred to fill in my trainers spot in denton, Texas. the other picture is of some random pillow that i am attempting to immediate. ha ha. well the mission field is crazy sweet. i love every single minute of it. I will see yall in 7 months. I am just blown away at how fast the time has gone. Just remember that if anyone is worried about going on a mission. If you are worried that life is going to change alot and that you will not be successful. those thoughts are from the devil. Repent and go. Wyatt and Jacob, it is critical to go on a mission to learn, Patience, love, diligent, obedience and to just mature ALOT. Life is completely different. Yall will NEVER regret going on a mission. GO!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

We baptized omar carrillo after bein taugt for 2 years.!!! I really dont have time today. The computer only gave me 20 minutes. here are some cool pictures.