Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,
   First Picture: This is a chinchilla. I have never seen of of these. it was hissing at me alot when i was around him. I dont know why but he was.
   Second Picture: This is me in a tree. haha i scared the missionaries we were with. I swung down and scared all of them half to death.
   Third Picture: This is my companion. He fell asleep. I  got bored of him being asleep so i put an expo marker to work. Haha he woke up and it was a good laugh. he thought it was funny. Nothing has happened to me yet since i have been to sleep.  it was alot of fun.
arlington is full of hispanics. my companion and i set a goal to contact 40 people a day. Yestarday we contacted 66. It was a good day. there are alot of apartments here which it makes it easy to find people. I really like this area. I will see yall in 3 months and about 15 days. not that i am counting.

November 11, 2013
Hey Everyone.
   Sorry I have not written for a while! I randomly got a call the night before transfers telling me i was getting transfered. I only had 4 hours to pack everything I own and got transfered more north. The work has been amazing. I left A baptism in waco. pretty sad but she still got baptized and she has goals to be sealed in a year.
My new companion is Elder Melville. He is from Utah, again. and he is such a good missionary. He is a hard worker and loves to teach people the gospel. He knows the doctrine and has an undiing desire to share it with everyone. He has been out for as much time as i have left. haha. he loves the mission and we get along great!
So we have been trying to find new investigatores. We found one man named miguel Rios. He has been pronounced dead 4 times and doesnt know why god has kept him alive this long. We testified that it is because he needs to be baptized and he agrees and wants to be baptized. We are working with him. Throughout his accedents, he now has alot of brain damage. but he still can talk and feel the spirit. We are very excited for him to be able to take this step and be baptized.
I love this work and i am vey sad because its drawing to an end. But that is ok because life goes on. I will just keep trucking along doing my hardest to become who the lord wants me to be.
Love yall.

-- Elder Dillon Glen Allen