Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21, 2013

The first Picture is of my companion and I waving at the camera. Elder Ostlund is from South Jordan, Utah. He is 6' 5" and loses every time we wrestle. Just like wyatt will lose in 4 months and 18 days.... ;0

The second picture is of one of the Waco Specials I see daily. Black people drive these raised up crown vicks. Ya those are both of my shoes under that car. crazy people. 

The third picture is of A SNAKE!!!!!!!!!! 

Well this week was pretty good. We had a member referal from zabdiel. His girlfriend Ilene Rivera is now going to be baptized november 2nd and confirmed november 3rd. IT is going to be a busy week. Loveyall!!!

October 14, 2014

The First Picture is of my music bear and I. This bear (DJ teddy) and i have been all over Texas together. We do not have any relationship together except that of music. O heavens i am treating this bear like tom hanks did Wilson in cast away!

The Second Picture is of my hat and I. Also my hat and I are really good buddies. We are going to do alot of things together when i get home in 5 months from today. We are going to dig holes together, probably ride horses together and go hunting and fishing together. That will be fun. Isn't that neat.

The Third Picture is of The Mean Muggin Alligator. I do not know who the weird kid is behind the mask. But he apparently is wearing an alligator hat. Who the heck does that. O that's me.

Well now to the serious stuff. We have three baptismal dates, Jose Mexicano Saldana will be baptized on october 26th!! hopefully. Armando and Esteban Martinez are nephew and uncle. They will be baptized November 2nd. I am very excited for all of them. They all have been doing so well. Esteban randomly suprised us yestarday with some mole!!!! o ya mole is so good. It is a kind of meat smothered in spicy peanut-butter-chocolate and chille. MMMMM the best. Esteban is a really good guy.
Shout out to all of those amazing General Conference talks! Whoever agrees with me about how awsome they were,, write me and tell me in a letter. That will be really nice. (haha did you like what I did there. Now yall are trapped.)
 i will make it easy
 4502 lakeshore Dr #1207
Waco, Texas 76710
Love yall!

September 30, 2013

Picture #1: Your missing a very important person in this picture. Dont worry I got yalls back. Dad your foot looks good.
Picture #2: Well this is a bit of art that my companion and i came up with. We have the force. and i aparently am diing in this picture.
Picture #3 This is my cowboy getup. I finally sealed my outfit with the hat. I did not pay a dime for all of my cowboy stuff.
This week was really good. Waco is a very nice area to work in. So what i mean is it is a little dirty and not alot of morals. perfect enviroment for missionaries to be in. We are going to do very good here. I am very excited for the future. Sorry i dont have much time to write a bigger email. But i love yall and dont have too much fun without me!

September 23, 2014
Hello Family and Friends!!!!
Waco is Weird. It is just like Weatherford. So I have come to a conclusion that I get sent out to the country for the winter and the city for the summer. Here are some pictures.
This is probably my favorite companionship. The guy in the middle is our zone leader. He was our companion for a week because his companion got sent home. Haha i am just kidding his companion is the new asistant to the president. The green house in the backround is where i lived for 4 1/2 months of my short life.

This is Gismo. We found him about 4 months ago. We were just being regular old teenagers and messing around. We found a hill and tried throwing rocks up it. Ya we are children. He was at the top of the hill. We talked to him. He quit everything he was doing that was violating the word of wisdom and the law of chastity in one day. He started reading the Book of Mormon and now has a testimony of the truthfulllnes of this gospel. He will be baptized in the near future. He is a man that has impacted my life greatly. He is definitely my best friend here in texas.

And coming in as the best family in the world.... The Cantu Family. This family is the best. David on the left is straight up a thug. He is sweet. Good guy. He knows alot about life and just how to make everyone happy around him.  The kid looks like he is cute but he will get you if your not looking. Haha i love baby David. Bridgette is Olgas daughter and Olga is on the right. This family is the best family i have ever taught here in texas. Olga and bridgette are members and David is not. Not yet.. BFITW- Best family in the world.

Well that is about all i have got to say. Peace out. Dont forget to write me. my addresss is:

4502 Lakeshore Drive #1207
Waco, Texas 76710