Monday, July 22, 2013

Well We did alot of stuff this week.
      Picture #1: This is a pretty cool mess that someone made on the side of a bridge. We taught a man a lesson under a bridge. He was just sitting down there so we made the long journey hopping across rocks to get to him and taught him. Then We took this picture.
      Picture #2: We were doing service and i ripped my pants. Ya it was a bummer. They were my only service pants. Everyone had a good laugh because they saw my underwear.
      Picture #3: This is our trio. I am in the middle because i am a flipppin sweet person from Idaho. My companion elder Newman is on the right because he is Mexican. and elder walker is on the left because he is.... haha
     This week is a busy week. We have pday today. Tomorrow we have interviews. Wednesday we have district meeting. Thursday is weekly planning. Friday is a baptism and Saturday is another baptism. i am pretty excited. This is going to go by fast. Thanks yall for reminding me that i only have 7 months left on my mission. I cry every time i get reminded.
Thanks for all the letters and support. I love yall and i hope that all those who have not gone on missions who are capable to do so will go. If not, you  are missing out on a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Love yall.

Dear Family and Friends.
Well it finally happened. I got holes in my shoes. I guess I have been working hard. I also found a gun and a hat in the car we were riding in. I got a picture of my mug shot. An the picture with all the people is the fort worth south zone. Ya we are the best in the BMW for sure.
So we have 3 Baptism Dates!!!! I am so happy that we finally have people committed to baptism again. We had a couple of dry weeks. What happens if you hit a dry spot? Certainly don't give up! Would you give up if you were in the middle of a desert  and water was only a mile away? Haha no. So we just dedicated ourselves more to the work and worked harder. We also had 3 people at church and 2 progressing investigators. Remember everyone that every member is a missionary, go out on exchanges with the missionaries and fulfill your responsibilities.
I am so happy to be a missionary and to be able to preach the gospel at every moment of my day. I am so glad that the atonement is for each of us. It alows all of us to become more in this life and to abandon sin. I invite each of you to access to atonement daily. I found a scripture that keeps me from sinning. 2 Nephi9:39. O, My beloved brethren, remember the awfullness in transgressing against that Holy God, and also the awfullness of yielding to the enticings of that cunning one. Remember, to be carnally-minded is death, and to be spiritually-minded is life eternal. (S.M.I.L.E.)  Learn it, Live it, Love it. --Cherish Every Second
Elder Dillon Glen Allen

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hello Family and Friends!
This week was really good. Besides the fact that my companions and I got very sick. We all got a pretty bad cold. We did not lose a minute of proselyting time though. We are doing great now. We also have been working really hard to contact members in our area. Our ward clerk gave us a list of names to contact. We are getting the names done quick to be able to repair/build relationships with the ward a little better. I know that by doing things that they need help with, it will prove to them that we are working hard and doing out best.
So I wrote about Omar Carrillo and how he was supposed to be baptized. Well we rescheduled his date again and it fell though again. We are still working with him to overcome doubts or problems he might have. We are also working with Gierrmo Castillo. He is going to be baptized soon. He is a recovering drug and alcohol addict. He really has come a long way. He as read alot of the Book of Mormon. He has expressed that he knows that it is true. So literally all we have to do is get an interview done with President Ames and baptize him. Pray for him please that he will be able to get work off and go to church to fulfill the requirements to be baptized.
Well the first picture is... haha me in my cowboy outfit. O ya get ur done. now all i need is a horse and some Idaho mountains.
The second Picture is..... My district from last transfer. Elder Newman is right next to me. Then Elder Ward, Elder Henderson, Sister olander, Sister Gomez, sister Reina, and sister George. The best district in the world.
The third picture is..... of me in fort worth. :)
Well that is about all for this week. Thank yall for all yall do for me. God Bless and dont forget to write.
Dear Family and Friends,
        Ok the First Picture is what Texas should look like. :)
The second picture is my manliness lifting two bikes. O ya by the way. I weigh 180 pounds now. That what happens in a bike area. Big legs. morning exercises have helped me get in the routine of doing alot of push ups each morning. 
The Third picture is La Tortuga. The turtle.
This week was a very successful week. I had alot of challenging times. I know that the mission field is where anyone who wants to help themselves and others should be. First we are going to baptize Omar Carrillo this Saturday. We are also getting a new mission president. President Ames is from Independence Missouri. I do not know if elder eliason knows him or not because he is in his mission. That would be pretty cool if he did. But President Sagers is Going to go teach institute class in Los Angeles, California. He is from Burley as everyone knows, so that will be a HUGE culture shock.(and also tons of other shocking things like: crime, people, big buildings, no cows, no swearing at cows, No HUGE mountains, no deer to hunt, no snow, no camping in the back yard. But he will be ok.) I am a bit nervous for our new mission president because President Sages has affected my life alot. But last night we had a HUGE broadcast for missionaries and leadership positions in the church. Alot of stuff and alot of revelation was received. I am proud to know through an overwhelming spiritual experience while I was listening to Elder Russel M. Nelson that President Ames will be a good mission president. I love him and I support him full heartily just as I do President Sagers.
This week elder newman crashed on his bike 4 times andi crashed twice. No harm or injuries accored except that of our pride was damaged greatly as 1000 people witnessed 2 men in suits and ties crashing on their bikes. I call it formal bike crashing. Yall can quote me on that on because I know that it is funny.
Thank yall so very much and do not forget to Write me. I am not getting transfered. so here is my same address:
1418 lincoln ave. #2
Fort Worth, Texas 76164