Monday, October 29, 2012

 Well i have been hearing alot about a hurricane lately... What is going on? If people would just obey the sabbathe day than all of the natural desasters would not be happening. I gave a talk this week in sacrament meeting about the sabbath. ya i loved it. my ward mission leader also spoke.
    So i have a new companion, his name is elder keller. he is fired up and ready to work. alot different than my last companion. elder duncan is a hard worker just like me, his spanish is super good, i am glad to have him as my companion. well he is from cedar city, Utah, he was a punk before the mission. :) he still is but we are exactly the same. we enjoy playfully making fun of each other. it is very enjoyable.
    So the Miracle of the week is Joaquin. He is a man we trackted into. He went to a mormon church a while ago in mexico. he told us to go back. well we have no miles for the rest of the month in our car, so we are walking and we walked about 8 miles round trip to his house so that we could teach him. He said that he was pretty tired and to come back another day, but that is ok i said how about we come in for 10 minutes and walked into his house. He graciously let us in and we taught him about faith for 10 minutes and said a prayer with him. He is about 5 foot nothing. he is short. he looks like a mexican. i am really excited to teach him and to get to know him. well the trailer park that he lives in is infested with mexicans, about 75 mexicans live in about 15-20 trailers. it is sweet that  we finally found some hispanic people to teach and help them recieve the restored gospel.
    So i have been thinking that is is Christmas soon and i want to have EVERYONES adress so i can write a letter to them. Please!! :) Gugelmans,  grandparents Tubbs, Plowmans, Jared and Jeannie,  grandparents Allen, Angie and her family, Summers, Genes ( i dont know if i spelled it right, alma and lexi), Todd and angela, Travis and Ciesa??, umm.... John and camile, Peters, Lincoln and heather and anyone else that would like to hear from me. I am really wanting to do this everyone so send me your addresses through email or a hand written letter!! :) love all of you.
     So this week on tuesday, elder duncan, partriach carrol and I wento to the glorias for a lesson. it was a sweet experience to see the glorias want to make their family better through the gospel. the glorias are members and they are having a hard time right now with marriage. so all we do ( not get involved ) is teach the missionary lessons and apply it to their children. and some of them are not members. their children that are not members all have baptism dates.
       *( hahahaha ok this is funny, so i am emailing right now and some lady sat down accross from me and she will not stop looking at me and my nametag, she is literally leaning way over to see me, hahah funny)
    Wednesday elder duncan left to fort worth and elder border (my zone leader) and i sat in the appartment and waited for a while for our companions to get there. ya i got elder keller and he is a sweet missionary. we will do great this transfer.
    Saturday we found alot, i mean alot of hispanics. i am excited to start teaching them. We are doing great. and sunday was just and dandy as the rest of the week.
    So alot of people are emailing me and asking me what i want for my birthday and christmas... so here is what i would like ( but do not need) if you all want something to do.
    1) I would like a written testimony of my family members (including paden)
    2) The last 2 Gerneral Conferences on cd's
    3) Garmets...... 32 waist and medium shirt... cotton-polly deep neck.
    4) Picture of my immediate family, (Troy, shelly, wyatt, emmett, olivia and Paden) and a picture of anyone else, but i really want a picture with my immediate family.
    5) A tie
    6) Chap Stick
    7) Mormon tabernacle Chior Cd
    8) Lots of love
So i am loving the mission. i cannot believe that i have almost been on my mission for 8 months. it is going by too fast. i am not liking how fast it is, but i would not trade these experinces at all. So I love everyone and thank you for everything yall do for me. :))

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hello Everyone,

             So this week we set 4 Baptism dates. Jessica, Tony, and Bella Gloria, and jaime ocampo. Things are finnaly picking up! i am so excited to finnaly start teaching more people. i know that we are finding more people because of our obedience. we have been working so hard and being so obedient. it is finnall paying off. all four of them are being baptized on november 10.

 Well my email was to big. so i am doing fine in texas. it is starting to get cooler here. it is now about 75 ish most of the time. it is better than 115. I am super sick. i have had a constant migrane for about a week now and throwing up all over. we still did a really good job. i know that we are being blessed. So anyone have anymore cool stories?
        The miracle of the week is Jaime Ocampo. We knocked into him and he listened. he wanted to be baptized within 15 minutes of meeting us. He is super ready to be baptized. He is 24 and still lives at his parents house. His mom is super catholic and she does not like us at all. but he cleaned the yard and the house and washed the cars and showered and repaired the roof. We asked him why he did it. he said that he felt like he was a somebody when he reads the book of mormon. he is a cool guy. he read 8 chapters in less than a day. he cleanned everything in a day. he is an elect person. lets hope his mom stops hatting us.
         So exchanges are here. i am staying in weatherford. elder duncan is going to Fort worth. he has been there 3 times now. My new companion i get wednesday. His name is elder keller. i do not know who he is but elder duncan has a picture of him and he looks pretty cool. i am excited to meet him. Elder duncan is super excited to go to fort worth.
      Well talk to yall next week.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Well this past five weeks have gone bye so fast!! i cannot believe how fast the mission is going. I am getting a little moody because of how hard the area is. but i was put here because it is a hard area. i love a challenge. It is going to require 100% obedience of myself and my companion. Ya it is going to be a little crazy but we will do it. There is only one more week till transfers. i hope is stay in weatherford.
            Well i do not have any crazy stories this week. But we did find some really cool investigators and we are teaching them alot! They all have really good members that talk to them about the gospel alot! i am so excited to see them progress. we are not teaching much more. Alot of people stare at me as  a missionary. so when we had our regular clothes on people actually said hi and what not. very nice to be excepted by people. :)
           Well as i said, literally nothing has happened this week! anyone have any crazy stories? any Questions? Rumors? Something?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

 Ya crazy story. alright so i ran into some random person that knows me. i have never seen this person in my life. but she knew my first and last name. So ya wierd. i still dont know someone from New York that has blonde hair. ya still dont know. i wonder how many people look like me?
           Alright so this week was sweet. First off this week was really slow due to the cold weather. it was about 45-50 degrees all week. ya not cold at all. my companion is from california and he is a little girl. hahah not really. but he is cold. he wears a huge trench coat. ya its pretty funny.
       Well i have been studying ALOT the past week. i am so greatful for all of the knowledge and maturity i have gained in the mission. i am so greatful for the atonement of our lord and savior jesus christ that allows us to repent of sins and transgressions that cannot usually be fixed.
       I know that through immersing yourself in the gospel by serving a mission will help anyone through anything.
well sorry everyone for who was looking forward  to hearing from me. i have ran our of time. You can always just write me a letter and i will write you back.
See Ya!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

So this week it rained nonstop for three days. it was crazy. we logged our walking miles in at 13 miles in the porring rain with umbreallas. :) i had alot of fun because i got to use my boots that i have only used a few times. i am glad i have them. This week was kinda a wierd week. We found 6 new investigators and a ton of english people as referals. the english elders are baptizing up a storm and 90% of them are from us. sad how that works. but that is ok. the lords work will go forth. so our mission president is going around for interviews to everyones apartments this month. he told us if the house is a mess that he will hire a maid to clean our house. so they want me to get 50 bucks from my parents. Mom and Dad. dont send the money. i am going to make my companion clean. :) the house is going to be clean and i am excited to see my companion finally clean. before i came in my companion had been in this area for 4 months and he never did dishes or cleaned the bathroom.... GROSSSSS!!!!!! ya its been clean for about 3 weeks now. :) i am prideful about that.
               We are finding alot of success in weatherford. we are working with members and teaching alot of their friends. the members in the ward who do the most missionary work are a recent couple named Jacob and Itzel Payne. they are sweet they have at least one very solid referal every week that we teach with them in their house. the payne family is my favorite. i really hope i can stay in weatherford the rest of my mission because the ward has so much potential and i can help them reach their potentioal. it is already starting to happen. i love weatherford.
           Alright now about Mewtwo,,,,,.....,.,.,.,.   we took our trash out and in the dumpster we found at least 1500 baseball cards and pokemon cards. they are all 20 year old cards or older. Mewtwo is one of them.... Muahahaha.....(the muahahaha is for Jacob.... i will save it. mabe i will send it to you)   well we are going to a pawn shop to sell the baseball cards. we found alot of rookie cards that might be worth something. i am pretty excited. Dad can you send me an envelope for tithing for the ward. i might make some money today. :)
             So i have been learning alot lately. what i am really excited about is the church release mini preach my gospels in spanish and english. we get them for 4 dollars. i am super excited to get them. if anyone wants to study with me this week. i am studying preach my gospel chapter 6, christlike attributes. it will be worth your time because.... it will be. i am so greatful to be on a mission. if anyone who hasnt gone on a mission who is reading this who is able to go... GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! you are missing out on the best experience that you can ever experience in this life. their are seen and unseen forces and blessing in missionary work. just being able to see a 50 year old man that is addictied to cigarretts and with major law of chastity problems and no morals, to a man who prays and thanks god for everything he as given him. also to see someone want to change and make covenants with the lord through faith with the hope that god will take care of them. if anyone has doubts of not serving a mission. in 17 months..... i will change your doubts for you. it is an amazing experience that even bill gates cant even buy.
                   sorry i am writing a ton and just about random stuff. i know that is church is true and through realization and action on the things that god has given us, you can be cleansed from sin and recieve everlasting life. why cant jack spearrow just join the church. its much easier to make covenants than to, kill a cracken, almost die by gun, knife, women, davie jones, drownding, a short drop and sudden stop, commidor norington... ect. o i know why, he likes his rum.... hahaha i thought humor would be funny. ya so i am fine hear in weatherford if anyone is wondering...(mom)  i love it hear. i would consider moving hear after my mission if their were one thing.... MOUNTAINS!!!!!!!   I am so homesick for mountains. i have a HUGE gut ache everytime i think about mountains. especially because hunting season is this month. YOU all better send be picktures of the bucks and elk you kill... (grandpa tubbs, jacob, wyatt, Josh, Dad- Go hunting for me and kill a deer.)
             Well everyone i love you all soooo very much. i love you like a fat kid loves cake. or a hobo likes a baked potato... or like wyatt loves hunting..... i will send some earplugs home for you mom. it is hunting season so that means wyatts mouth is going to be on hyperspeed. WELL love you all. Take care and if anyone loves me they will send me some pictures in the mail of the mountains. LOVE YALL>