Monday, February 24, 2014

 I received a humbled phone call last night at 11:18pm concerning my Great Grandparents. My Mission President, A Man Of God, calmed my mourning heart. We talked for a very long 10 minutes. He affirmed me that their passing was peaceful and 100% the will of the Lord. The funeral will beSaturday and I want everyone to know that on Saturday i will be there in your hearts. Saturday evening at 8pm (7pm yalls time)  we will be having 4 baptisms. He said something very heart-touching concerning these four baptisms, "Elder Allen, this is just a thought I feel I should share with you. Perhaps they will be there with you to witness these baptisms." I agreed over the phone as a very very definite wave of warmth love, joy, peace, the Holy Ghost. Praise be to Grandpa and Granny Tubbs for the positive, God-willing impact that they had in the world. Because of them, Many are serving missions. These missionaries have and will touch the hearts of many which will cause a chain reaction that will change the lives of many and secure their eternal salvation. D&C 18: 15-16 Praise be to the loving memory of Earl J and Betty Jeanne Tubbs, Together Forever.
        We had 2 Baptisms this week! Marcela and Sophia both got baptized. They were very excited. I know that they will progress very fast in the gospel. We have 4 more baptisms scheduled for this saturday. I am very happy for the plan of salvation. I love the lord and his perfect plan that allows families to be together forever-The fist step being baptism.
       We also did 8 hours of service. We helped jack-up a house with car jacks and then level out the foundation and place center blocks on the firm foundation.
I love you all!!!
Dear Family and Friends,
    Well 5 weeks ago i was in ahh with how much time i have left in the mission field. Now i am just.............. without words. The mission goes by very very fast. If anyone wants to go on a mission and thinks that it is just too long. Dont worry. Within a month you will realize two things. That the mission goes by very fast and that you will never want to leave. I am kinda freaking out about coming home. Way scary!
My companion and I were ranked the #2 companionship this week. We have 6 baptismal dates. Marcela Valdez and Sophia Gonzales for the 21st of february. Alexis esquibel, Jorge Martinez, wendy martinez, and yolanda martinez for the 1st of march. We also had 8 investigators at church. this was a good week! hopefully this week will  be better! Enjoy the pictures and have fun without me for the last couple weeks that yall have.
Picture #1
     This is the picture of Octavio Elizondo that we baptized last week. He is such a solid member now. He is going to pass the sacrament for his first time this sunday. (He is the Taller One in the picture)
Picture #2
     Yup. The meanmug. Nuff said
Picture #3
     I locked my companion to the fridge. :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

3.5 semanas

¡Buenos días!
        Esta semana fue muy emocionante! Nos bautizamos Octavio Elizondo! Él ha estado trabajando muy duro para su fecha bautismal. Yo sé que él será bendecido por esta decisión que tomó. Estamos trabajando bien duro para bautisar mas gente. Recibimos un montón de refrencias del barrio y de otros barrios que no son de nuestra misión. Recibimos la familia Martinez de un miembro de la misión de dallas. Todos ellos tienen fechas bautizmales por el dia 1 de marzo. Sí, cinco días antes de que yo vuelva a casa. ¡Qué bendición! Ellos están listos y muy emocionados de tomar este convenio con Dios. También tenemos dos fechas con Garibay valdez Marcela y su hija Sophia Gonzales para el 22 de febrero.
       Estoy volviendo a casa en tres semanas y medio y quiero que todos ustedes para estar allí el dia 9 de mi charla. Por favor, sólo a mi familia en el aeropuerto (no amigos). Gracias! así te quiero todo mucho y sé que estas tres semanas pasarán como una gota de agua en una sartén. si muy rapido. Por favor, no parpadean, porque yo podría estar en frente de ustedes cuando abren sus ojos.

Translation Google Translate (Paden was at work)

Good morning !
        This week was very exciting! Octavio Elizondo were baptized ! He has been working very hard for his baptismal date . I know he will be blessed by this decision he took. We are working very hard to baptise more people. We received a lot of cross references the neighborhood and other neighborhoods that are not our mission. Martinez received the family of a member of the mission of dallas . They all have dates bautizmales the 1st of March. Yes , five days before I go home . What a blessing ! They are ready and excited to take this covenant with God . We also have two dates Garibay valdez Marcela Gonzales and her daughter Sophia on 22 February.
       I 'm coming home in three weeks and a half and I want you all to be there on the 9th of my talk. Please just my family at the airport ( no friends). Thank you ! I love you all so much and I know I will spend three weeks as a drop of water in a pan. if too fast . Please do not blink , because I could be in front of you when they open their eyes

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Bueno!!!!! If you want translation, go to (or see below)
Este semana fue muy bien! tenemos 3 fechas bautismales! El hermano octavio elizondo tamayo va bautisarse este sabado a las 5 de la noche. Estamos muy emosionados por eso. Antes de su intrevista, el tuvo una duda. estabamos muy nerviosos por la duda pero al fin fue nada mas sobre la ropa que deberia traer a su servicio baustismal. El es bien listo por este paso de fe en este momento de su vida. Tambien la hermana marcela valdez garibay y su hija sophia gonzales van tomar este paso de baustismo tambien. fueron refrencia de una miembra del barrio.
me voy por la casa en cuatro semanas. no mi quiero ir. la vida de un misionero es muy divertido. aprendi mucho del evangelio de jesucristo y porque estamos aqui en este mundo. Fuimos al templo hoy. Aprendi algo bien especial alma 42 cuando estaba leendo en el cuarto celestial.
13  por tanto, según la justicia, el aplan de redención no podía realizarse sino de acuerdo con las condiciones del barrepentimiento del hombre en este estado probatorio, sí, este estado preparatorio; porque a menos que fuera por estas condiciones, la misericordia no podría surtir efecto, salvo que destruyese la obra de la justicia. Pero la obra de la justicia no podía ser destruida; de ser así, Dios cdejaría de ser Dios.
Entonces. es bien importante de recordar que tenemos que arrepentirnos es este estado provatorio. Si no, en el mundo de los espiritus, vamos tener muchos problemas arrepentiendo sin un cuerpo. debemos siempre ser humildes para arrepentirnos. como dice en versiculo 30.
 30  ¡Oh hijo mío, quisiera que no negaras más la justicia de Dios! No trates de excusarte en lo más mínimo a causa de tus pecados, negando la justicia de Dios. Deja, más bien, que la justicia de Dios, y su misericordia y su longanimidad dominen por completo tu corazón; y permite que esto te ahumille hasta el polvo.
lo siento por todos que hablan espanol. yo tengo mucho errores escribiendo en espanol.!!!
que les vaya bien!!!

Translation via Paden (Google translate is unreliable)
This week went very well.  We have 3 baptismal dates.  Brother Octavio Elizondo Tamayo is going to be baptized this Saturday at 5:00 pm.  We are very excited for this.  Before his interview he had a doubt.  We were very nervous because of his doubt but in the end it was nothing more than what he should wear to his baptism.  He is very ready for this step of faith at this time of his life.  Also Sister Marcela Valdez Gribay and her daughter Sophia Gonzales are going to take this step of baptism as well.  They were a member referral from the ward.
I am coming home in 4 weeks.  I don't want to go.  The life of a missionary is very fun.  I have learned much about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and why we are here on this earth.  We went to the temple today and I learned something very special in Alma 42 when I was reading in the Celestial Room.  Alma 42:13,30:
So it is very important to remember that we have to repent in this probationary state.  If not in the spirit world we are going to have lots of trouble repenting without a body.  We should always be humble and repent.  As is says in verse 30.
I am sorry for all of you who speak Spanish.  I still make lots of errors when I am writing in Spanish.!!!
que les vaya bien!!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jan 13, 2014
Well the family that had 5 dates got offended at church and swore they were never coming back. Well. they have not seen the end of elder allen. We are still going over and they almost came to church yestarday. I am pretty bummed that they got offended but other than that they are doing great!!! 
We found a new investigator at church. weird he has been showing up to church for the past 3 months and nobody knew that he wasn't a member. so its pretty crazy that know we are teaching him. his name is octavio.
well i love all yall. sorry this email is short. i will email yall a bigger one next week.

Jan 6, 2014

This week we set 5 baptismal dates and had all 5 of them at church. If yall could, please pray that they will keep their commitments.
Manuel Martinez is being baptized on February 8, 2014.
Edna Martinez is being baptized on February 8, 2014.
Brisa Martinez is being baptized on February 8, 2014.
Ramona Sandoval is being baptized on February 8, 2014.
Jesse Sandoval is being baptized on January 18, 2014.
They are all so excited to be baptized. I know that they have been prepared by the Lord. They love the restoration and the plan of salvation. They loved church and learned so much. They are super excited to continue investigating the church. My companion elder melville has been on his mission for 6 months now and has not had a baptism. so we are super excited to baptize them.
Well i am getting ready to come home. i have been doing 400 pushups daily for a couple of weeks now. by time i get home i will be huge. whatever.
I love you all and thank you so much for all the love and letters.