Monday, July 30, 2012

Dear Family,
its pretty warm outside.... this week we found alot of people to teach. i am supprised how fast i am learning spanish. transfer calls were this morning. elder jones is getting transfered to fort worth and i am staying in lewisville. my new companions name is elder galvez. we are not exchanging till wednesday. i will be the jr. companion. elder galvez is from peru and he speaks alright english.
so besides all of the heat, this week we taught 10 lessons. we are very consistant. we are teaching this man named emilio and he thinks its very funny to make fun of me and laugh. but its ok because i know he is just joking around. he is not progressing but he loves learning and talking with us. we are teaching another man who has a desire to be baptised. his name is raul. he is progressing and reading the book of mormon and praying. he had a baptism date but we had to bump it back. Emilia, she is a jehovah's witness. she loves learning but will not come to church. she prays beautifully. the rodriquez family is sweet. i love them. but the daughters boyfriend is a penacostal. ya its kinda weird. and finally olivia reyes. she is from honduras. ya she is a golden investigator. enough said.
so besides all of the heat i am doing very well. i love the mission and i am learning alot. this weeks sweet and crazy times. elder erickson (an elder in our district) got hit by a car and nothing happened to him. i salvaged his bike and took off all the parts that were good. when i was taking the bike apart it was mangled and beat up. he is lucky to be alive. ya we get yelled at all of the time. sometimes good most of the time good. but it is funny that some people swear at us. i love it. our branch covers three stakes. and two of the stakes are outside of our mission. so we can not go to the other mission to eat. so that leaves us with about 5 members in our area. its kinda hard but o well. not my will but the lord's. i am going on a beans and rice eating spree. because they are cheap and i love them to death.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello Family. So i have an analogy. so my goals for a missioin is an arrow. >>-----> ok there is a point on the arrow that narrows my goals. the point represents my 20 lessons a week and my 3 baptisms a month. that is my goal. i pierce with the tip. but the back of the arrow head is the killing force. i need to make sure my lessons are leading to baptisms and not just lessons. the stick of the arrow is to make my goal long lasting. and the feathers of my arrow is to make my goals fly and get to the destination safe and acuate. the feathers represent my obedience and willingness to serve.

Ok so this week we taught a total of 11 lessons! i was a little bummed. but that is a good number. we are teaching alot of people. i love the mission. we are teaching a family of like 8 the rodriques family. Albert, Joe, Luiz, Raul, Emilio, Emilia. ya they are all of our main investigators. so transfers are in a week. i will no longer be being trained. i will no longer be green. ya so they are starting to issue ipads to missionaries to further the work of the lord. i am hoping i get one. that would be sweet.

we found a few cucurachas (cockroages) in our appartment. they are huge. ya i hate them. we found a huge sign that says Crazy Joe's hotdogs. ya its in out apartment.

so i am doing good. i am not dead yet. it was 121 degrees. ya that was in out car. it was really only 111. so those are my main thoughts and things that i love. this is my favorite chapter in the BOM. alma chapter 37. if anyone wants to read it. ya it will be sweet. thanks for all of your support.
Elder Dillon Glen Allen

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello family and Friends,
             Texas had good weather this week. it was only about 95. The humidity was bad this week. it was very humid and holy cow its a different feeling. so we helped out this man named julio. we dug up three trunks in the matter of ya an hour. so we went into his house and he had a life size virgin mary in their living room. ya it was funny. we said an opening prayer and they clapped and cheered for us. ya it was weird. then after the lesson they gave us like eight different sauces. ya then they invited us to eat with them. it was sweet. tuesday elder jones got food poisoning from some kind of food. ya i just chilled in the apartment and i realized how boring it is if you do not work. it sucked. well we made the long travel to highland to teach some guy named joe. we are also having a barbecue tonight with a member and joe will be their. this week was fun. we taught 12 lessons. it was sweet. well that was a little bit of my week. have fun family and remember........... the church is true.

Monday, July 2, 2012

So this week was sweet. we did alot. we had 3 member present lesson in members houses. ya it was cool. so we got a referall and this dude is just perfect. his name is raul martin trajullo. ya he is being baptized august 4th. its going to be perfect. so we got alot done. we had three other lessons. and one baptism date and one progressing investigator and one person at church. so it was a pretty cool week. i am on email at 10 am your time if you want to talk!!