Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jan 13, 2014
Well the family that had 5 dates got offended at church and swore they were never coming back. Well. they have not seen the end of elder allen. We are still going over and they almost came to church yestarday. I am pretty bummed that they got offended but other than that they are doing great!!! 
We found a new investigator at church. weird he has been showing up to church for the past 3 months and nobody knew that he wasn't a member. so its pretty crazy that know we are teaching him. his name is octavio.
well i love all yall. sorry this email is short. i will email yall a bigger one next week.

Jan 6, 2014

This week we set 5 baptismal dates and had all 5 of them at church. If yall could, please pray that they will keep their commitments.
Manuel Martinez is being baptized on February 8, 2014.
Edna Martinez is being baptized on February 8, 2014.
Brisa Martinez is being baptized on February 8, 2014.
Ramona Sandoval is being baptized on February 8, 2014.
Jesse Sandoval is being baptized on January 18, 2014.
They are all so excited to be baptized. I know that they have been prepared by the Lord. They love the restoration and the plan of salvation. They loved church and learned so much. They are super excited to continue investigating the church. My companion elder melville has been on his mission for 6 months now and has not had a baptism. so we are super excited to baptize them.
Well i am getting ready to come home. i have been doing 400 pushups daily for a couple of weeks now. by time i get home i will be huge. whatever.
I love you all and thank you so much for all the love and letters.