Tuesday, March 27, 2012


thanks for ordering my bike!!! well i am really sick!! an elder in my district has never had an immunizations! he has been sick for about three weeks now. he has gotten everyone in our zone sick. well last week elder oaks talked to us in the devotional! it was pretty cool. whenever you put money in my account can you email me!! thanks.! i am singing in the mtc chior for the saturday afternoon session in conference!! i am excited!! well dont everyone email me at once!! im just kiding email me!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Email to Carlean:

my companion is from shelly idaho. he remindes me of zack!  i love him so very much. he is a great elder. i have learned so much about him! i am excited to spend the next seven weeks with him... here at the mtc i get treats everyday from other missionaries!! i have finally gained a little weight! the mtc fattens you up a bit. i would love a letter in spanish!! i love spanish i learn so much everyday!! i have no idea what i would like. something in spanish that pertains to the gospel. i love the gospel and spanish. it is a miracle that i am privilaged to learn both at the same time!!. an elder in my district is from vinuatu (i dont know if i spelled that right, its an island by fiji) and he has never seen snow. we taught him how to build a snowman and we had a pretty awesome snowfight (while you were driving through it probably) !! it was very fun. i am learning so much and my love for the gospel is so great. i would never trade it for anything. i have been the district leader for the two weeks we have been here. it is very hard but i am learning alot and i am very good at it. it is amazing what you can do and what you learn when you have the holy ghost for a constant companion. have fun and stay safe this week. o ya tell jacob that the nametag he wanted is going to take me a while to get because i have to go to the scheduling office and sign up on a list. the problem with the list is there are about 200 missionaries before me that have lost there badge. ya a long and annoying line. that is one thing i am glad i have, the ability of being responsible and somewhat organized!!! love you all!! ill here from you in a week or so!!
-Elder dillon glen allen

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


hello!!!! my p day is every monday... i will be on the computer at about 3:30!! but ya i am doing awesome!!!! my testimony in spanish!!! Mi testimonio de la iglesia de los santos de los ultimos diaz. yo se que la iglesia de los santos de los ultimos diaz es verdadero.. yo se que jose smith es verdadero. yo se que jesucristo es central de plan de padre celestial! en la nombre de jesucristo amen. there is alot more but i dont have alot of time!!!! so adios write you in a week!!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012


i am doing great!!!! i am so excited to serve the lord!! i sent dad my 30 second testimony is spanish!!!! i can bear my testimony in spanish fluently for 5 minutes! i can also pray in spanis and teach a few lessons!!! spanish is easy and fun!!! well i dont have alot of time!!!! nos vemos!!
everytime you put money on my account can you tell me the balance through email!!??? thanks mom i love you so much!!!!!!
Note from Shelly:  Apparently, I didn't teach my kid anything about email!  HA!


Letter received in the mail the old fashioned way:
Dear Dad, Mom, Wyatt, Emmett, Olivia

Well I'm here!  First off Wyatt!  Do not ever say or do anything that would prohibit you from going on a mission.  The feeling here is so strong!  I know this is what I am suppose to do!  Nothing is worth not going!  Study early or you WILL BE LOST!!  There are a lot of people that are clueless.

Emmett, Well do your homework and get food grades.  Learn how to learn and study.  If you fail to do this your mission experience will be for nothing.

Olivia!  You're OK!  I'm just kidding! Be an example for your older brothers!  You really are!  If you read the scriptures in the family room like you do , you will sort of "challenge" your brothers to do the same!

Mom!  A mission is a wonderful place.  The spirit is so strong!  I cannot believe I'm here but it feels normal.  I have definitely been waiting for this moment in time.

Dad.  My mission companion is Elder Bobak.  He is very awesome. He has taught me a lot so far.  As the "white bible"  says, my companion will teach me and you will learn to love him.

Well Everyone I had a 15 minute conversation with my spanish teacher yesterday!  I know that through faithful dilligence and prayer that I will learn spanish!  Love all of you!

Dillon Allen

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Elder Allen entered the MTC on March 7, 2012, at 12:40 pm.

You can send him FREE mail by signing up at www.dearelder.com .  The information you need to get him the letter is on the right side of this blog.  Dear Elder prints the letter off and then delivers it to the MTC.  I think the deadline is noon.  Thanks to Carlean for all the help and information regarding this!