Monday, January 28, 2013

So we baptized Angel Enrique Arzuaga Garcia from Puerto Rico. I had the priviledge to Confirm him in spanish. Yes that was fun. The other picture is christ coming to america. one of our investigators painted it. So i really have nothing to write about. Sorry it is short, i have ran out of time to email more today.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

 Well 11 months into the misson field and I finally out of a car area. I am excited to be in a bike area. But I will not get to ride a bike for the next five weeks because we have a visa waiter Elder walker and he does not have a bike. So transfers in the mission are usually only 6 weeks. This current transfer is 5 weeks long due to the rapid growth of missionaries entering the mission field.
               So we live in a super getto apartment that smells like cigarretts. Ya it is gross. But i love my companions. Elder Alberston and Elder Walker. attached is a photo of us. The first picture on the right is elder albertson and in the middle is elder walker. The second picture is all of our dirtyness before i cleaned it.
           Well yup. we are not riding  bikes so we walk. i think we have walked no joke probably 20 miles the last 5 days. Ya it was fun. I love this area. We avtually have a baptism tomorrow and another one february 9th. Yes it is very exciting. Well that is all this week. Love yall.

 Alright, the day came to me being transfered. Ya I really dont want to go because of everyone i am leaving behind, but the lord wants me somewhere else. It was a priviledge serving herein Weatherford. i know that the lord is pleased with my work and all of the people we have helped come unto christ. I am packing all of my belongings and i cannot believe all of the stuff i have. I picked up some boots and some longhorns here and i dont know what to do with them.
       So this week we had Guardo (jaun) come to church. He is a stud. He knows the church is true and he practically knows every story in the bible. He is sweet. We also had a bunch of lessons with everyone of our baptism dates this week. I know that the lord is pleased with weatherford. Well this week was kinda slow. the lord has prepared me to leave and i am glad to be able to help the people in Hurst, Texas.
THis is my New address.
4808 waldemar street apt. #128
Halton City, TX 76117

Monday, January 7, 2013

  Hello Family!! So this week was the best week on my mission so far. Attached is the "Top 8 Companionships" in the mission. My companions and I are #1. It was a great week. So we baptized Betty Zuniga and she was confirmed in Weatherfords first spanish sacrament meeting. She brought 6 of her friends and family members to church with her. They are all 6 progressing and 2 of them have baptism dates. Her little brother Chuy Zuniga is being baptized the 26th of january. We also have 6 more baptism dates. Carlos Ovalle-February 9th; Jose sen., Jose jr., Giovanni, and Alicia Martinez also have a date for the 9th of february. Jessica Hernandez -february 9th. So this week was just outstanding. My companions and I are being over 100% obedient and we get along very well. I know that the lord has a hand and toe in everything. For example, we would have been in over 10 car accidents this week due to stupid texas drivers, But the lord stopped all of them. None of them would have been elder kellers (the driver) fault but I literally thought some guy hit us. But the lord works in mysterious ways. I am glad to be a missionary. I love texas... Not texas drivers. They are not as bad as utah drivers but they are bad.
        So today elder cook left for mexico, he is going to puebla. He was with us for 6 weeks. we are going to miss him. So my companions and i got into a boxing/wrestling match last night. i am proud to say that i was once again victorious. It was fun. My companions are the best. Transfers are the 16th of january and i believe that i am going to leave. i am not 100% sure that i am leaving but i have a strong feeling i am out. Which is sad because i love weatherford. Elder cook, Elder Keller and I have just blew this area up with baptisms, new investigators and good relationships with the people and the ward, especially the bishopric.
        So That was my week. I love the mission field and i love serving a mission. I have decided to always be a missionary. No one is getting me away from texas and preaching the gospel. I want to be here the rest of my life. So how is everyone doing at home. Still have snow? What have yall been up to? What yall get for christmas. Sorry i say yall, it is just so much easier to say you all or they or them or hey get over here. Yall
          Love everyone!! Not everyone write me at once now.