Tuesday, January 22, 2013

 Alright, the day came to me being transfered. Ya I really dont want to go because of everyone i am leaving behind, but the lord wants me somewhere else. It was a priviledge serving herein Weatherford. i know that the lord is pleased with my work and all of the people we have helped come unto christ. I am packing all of my belongings and i cannot believe all of the stuff i have. I picked up some boots and some longhorns here and i dont know what to do with them.
       So this week we had Guardo (jaun) come to church. He is a stud. He knows the church is true and he practically knows every story in the bible. He is sweet. We also had a bunch of lessons with everyone of our baptism dates this week. I know that the lord is pleased with weatherford. Well this week was kinda slow. the lord has prepared me to leave and i am glad to be able to help the people in Hurst, Texas.
THis is my New address.
4808 waldemar street apt. #128
Halton City, TX 76117

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