Monday, August 27, 2012

so we have a baptism this saturday! her name is Florencia Salanic Sacalxot. we met her three weeks ago. ya she is awesome!!
 our district did so good this week. we were number 5 in the entire mission. we were number 20 last week. ya it is so sweet. i cant believe that we are doing so good. i do not have time at all to email. but i am doing fine here in texas. but this week when we set up florencias baptism date for the first of september, the spirit was so strong and i cant believe we did what we did. i love the mission and being a missionary. thank you for all of the help and support back at home.

Monday, August 20, 2012

so the reason for the grasshopper frog apartments is because everytime we go to these spacific apartments there is a dead grasshopper being eaten by ants. yeserday there was a frog. yup. life as a missionary is full of a lame sense of humor. so this week was full of all sorts of fun. elder campell on an exchange recked our car. it wasnt bad. just scratched the bumper. we were ok. :) me and elder campbells echange was sweet. elder campbell loves zelda and so do i.
alright so this week we taught 11 lessons. we are doing our best to invite others to come unto christ. my spanish is just flying through the roof. i cant believe all of the spanish i am kicking out. i love the mission. so we went to zone conference this week and it was sweet. we started out with president sagers started out and he talked for a few ours. i felt so awesome during the entire conference. i know this church is true. i love 3 nephi... it is actually jesus christ speaking for like 20  chapters.
ok so i want to share a story.
the eagle that thinks he is a chicken. ok so a little girl and her granpa were driving down a road when their car broke down and they managed to get to a farm house. the farmer was helping the grandpa fix the car when he noticed the grandpa was a famous baseball player. in the mean time the girl was looking at the chicken coop and she called her grandpa over to look. they all noticed an eagle in the chiken coop. so the grandpa asked the farmer why there was an eagle in the chicken coop. the farmer replied that they found an abandoned nest and their was one egg left. sot he farmer put it in the chicken coop and the chickens raised it. the grandpa offered the man money for the eagle. he wanted to try to help the eagle fly and reach its true potential. the farmer agreed and warned the grandpa that the eagle acts and is a chicken. so the grandpa and the grandaughter left to the field of the farmer. the grandaught asked what the grandpa was doing. the grandpa replied to the eagle and said your an eagle spread your wings and fly. the eagle flopped to the ground. the grandpa had a flashback to his childhood when he was just learning to play baseball. the little boy didnt get to play with everyone and he was very sad. his father said its alright lift your head a little higher. flashback to the present and they  went higher up the mountain. the grandaughter asked again what the grandpa was doing. and the grandpa said to the eagle you are an eagle spread your wings and fly. the eagle again did nothing. and the grandpa had another flashback to when he was a teenager. he stuck out in a baseball game and his dad came up to him and said its alright swing higher next time. flashback to the present and they went higher up the mountain to the top and as soon as they got to the top the grandpa had another flashback to when the grandpa hit his home run and was a famous person that had reached his true potential. flashback to the present and the grandaughter asked what the grandpa was doing and the grandpa replied to the girl. i am helping the eagle reach its true potential. he then said to the eagle spred your wings and fly and the eagle flew away.this is a great story. apply this to your lives after great thought and pondering.
thank you for all of your support and love.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,
        So this week we did great. so our objective as missionaries is to invite and help people come unto christ and eventually get baptized. so to do this we ne to help people take the neccesary steps to do so. there are three easy steps they need to do to eventually be baptized. they are attend church at least twice, read in the book of mormon and then pray to know if they are doing the right thing and if all of these things are true. so this week we have a few people keeping commitments but none of them have made it to church. so this is a problem. but the big factor with hispanic people in texas is that if you can get them to church, usually they will be baptized. ya that is sweet when it happens. and its not going to happ without alot of key factors the investigator does and what us as missionaries do. so this week we had no investigators at church. we did have 16 lessons and 9 new investigators.
        elder galvez and I are a great team. we get work done. we find new investigators. working with members is the best way for missionary work. we are working with out few members in our area. we dont have alot of members, but with the members we have they love to help with whatever they can.
        so i am still reading the bible alll of the way through. no wonder the book of mormon contains the fullness of the gospel. holy cow the bible is confusing. so nothing really big has happened here. but ya if anyone would like anything from me just let me know.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dear Family,
               Transfers were this week. elder jones is now in fort worth and now my new companion is elder galvez from peru. he is really sweet. he likes to do things perfectly. he is pretty sweet. anyway. so this week we taught 3 lessons with a member present. 12 other lessons, we got 10 new investigators, and 3 less active member lessons. ya we tor it up. we got a few other things too. for a grand total of 38 key indicators this week. if you dont know what key indicators are... read preach my gospel. so our mission is doing a book of mormon challenge. page 114 in preach my gospel. read the book of mormon in three months and highlight whenever it says the names of jesus and his attributes-(look up his attributes in chapter 6 in preach my gospel). highlight the doctrine of christ-( Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy ghost, endure to the end) and if you do that i promise you will learn more about the savior and have a dramatic change in love for others. DO IT!!!! it has blessed my life emensley. i am now starting to do it with the bible. also if anyone wants to learn more about christ...everyone should... read the 4 books of the missionary library. my favorite part in the book of mormon is still alma 37. i am emensly blessed. if anyone is having any doubts about the gospel or life in general. shame on you. not to take that a harsh way but go out and find the true church. there is only one. every single other one is just beyond confused. i know this church is true. Doubt is the oposite of faith. i love you all read the book of mornom to get rid of any doubts. if anyone is reading this that is of the age of going on a mission (males 19-25 women (21-26 i believe) GO ON A MISSION. you have no idea whos life you will change. if you dont go you will be in heaven adn you will look into the face of someone that you could have changed on your mission. Go on a mission.
            We have one progressing investigator. her name is florencia. we were.. haha talking to a drunk guy and we told him we were missionaries and florencia popped out of no where and was like.. what your missionaries. come to my house now and pray for me. after we prayed she wanted to give us a hundred dollar bill. i didnt want to inhearet namens lepresy for taking credit of what the lord does. so we didnt take the money. she is a sweet little lady that is from quatamala. the very next day she was at church. we are teaching her and her family everyday now. we have another investigator named Rubi. she was taught two years ago and she was not being taught anymore because she has to be married before she can be baptized. so we found her and ya she is still not married but she wants to be baptized. she is a sweet person and keep all of the commitments we give her. two weeks ago i met this man named juan paredes and he was drunk. i didnt think that he really remembered us. but we tryed contacting him this week and we recieved news he was in the hospital. we went to the hospital and translated for the nurses. he was so dehydrated his kidneys stared to fail. he is fine now. we have taught him a few times. 
          We went out to luiz hernandez (less active member) and taught his friend. after the lesson he wanted to take us to a chinese buffet. ya we ate alot. hispanics are very generous. we had a compitition who could eat the most sushi. i am hitting another growthspirt so i won. i ate 18 rols of sushi. it was sooooooooooooo good. i love sushi. we were told that each of the susi rolls had about 400 calories. so i consumed about 7200 calories in a matter of 20 minutes. haha i am so dumb. o well. i am loving it in texas. so the hottest it got this week when i checked was 111 degrees. at that point its not hot. it is just literaly crying with swet. if anyone would like to test how hot is is. but boil a pan of water and put your head 5 feet above the pan. ya its hot and humid. nothing really crazy happend this week. but i am now 6' 1'' and 160 pounds. ya its  sweet. thanks for all of your prayer and letters. my address is still the same. have fun this week in the cool idaho and utah and mexican weather. i will take the heat for all y'all. if anyone needs anything tell me and i will do my best. thanks and take care family and friends.