Monday, August 13, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,
        So this week we did great. so our objective as missionaries is to invite and help people come unto christ and eventually get baptized. so to do this we ne to help people take the neccesary steps to do so. there are three easy steps they need to do to eventually be baptized. they are attend church at least twice, read in the book of mormon and then pray to know if they are doing the right thing and if all of these things are true. so this week we have a few people keeping commitments but none of them have made it to church. so this is a problem. but the big factor with hispanic people in texas is that if you can get them to church, usually they will be baptized. ya that is sweet when it happens. and its not going to happ without alot of key factors the investigator does and what us as missionaries do. so this week we had no investigators at church. we did have 16 lessons and 9 new investigators.
        elder galvez and I are a great team. we get work done. we find new investigators. working with members is the best way for missionary work. we are working with out few members in our area. we dont have alot of members, but with the members we have they love to help with whatever they can.
        so i am still reading the bible alll of the way through. no wonder the book of mormon contains the fullness of the gospel. holy cow the bible is confusing. so nothing really big has happened here. but ya if anyone would like anything from me just let me know.

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