Sunday, December 29, 2013

Well the first picture is of the spanish chior that we have been practicing for. We finally performed yestarday and it was super sweet!! We loved it alot. It was a cool experience to be apart of something like that.
The Second picture is of THE SHADOW NINJA MOUSE!!!! ya i am pretty bummed out that i didnt get to go deer hunting last year. but the mighty hunter will find a way to fill the emptiness of his heart. Ya i chased it and stomped on it.- Mean Mug.
The third picture is of me fitting 3 cookies in my mouth at once. Ya it was a challenge but i put my skills to the test and came out victorious.
This week was great! District leader from day one was super busy. I have been on my toes with everything. There is a new elder in our district who is suffering from homesickness. So i called him and assured him that i would suffer with him. I am pretty homesick myself. But i told him that we just need to see the big picture and not worry about our families. Whatever happens at home is 100% Gods Will. I have been getting phone calls left and right for opinions, questioins, you name it, its gonna happen. Crazy life. Just what i needed with 2.5 months left. I wanted to take the rest of my mission slow. Not happenin. I am going to be very busy which means time goes by even faster. 
Well thats about all thats going on here. O YA!!! we were riding past the cowboys stadium and AC/DC was playing life. Made my day.. haha I love texas!!!

O MY ICE!!!!!   So we are sitting there at about 9:45pm and our phone rings. Its a member warning us about a potential ice storm. Yaa whatever. Well we went to sleep and woke up with 4 inches of ice. The first Picture is of the snow. All of the roads look like this. This is a field but all of the roads are caked on with ice and nobody not even the city owns snow machines to scrape of the ice. So we spent 26 hours or so this week scraping off ice and snow from peoples cars.. it was quite a chore to do all of that. We had a pretty slow week but its all ok.
The second Picture is of my district at the end of the transfer. We had a few funny moments. I am pointing at my district leader and i threw him up on my companions shoulders in less that 5 seconds. Haha! ya we are having fun here in arlington.
So I got a call from president Ames and he asked me to be district leader here in arlington. I told him that i would except and do my best for him and the lord. I am a little nervous but i know that i can do it. I love the lord and his work> I only have two transfers left. 12 weeks. I love you all and thank you for your love and letters.

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

Well the first picture is of Elder Soto and I. Elder Soto was a missionary that went home one year and four months ago. He is way sweet. It was really cool to see him walk into the chapel yestarday. He is also from colonial juarez and knows grandpa and grandma call. Its pretty cool. He is now on his way up to utah for his brothers wedding.
the second picture is of our thanksgiving dinner we had with the Garcia family. They are way sweet. I love the garcia family. Thanksgiving was a good day.
The third picture is of us and our cowboy/cowgirl outfits we wore to dinner on thanksgiving. Yes the yellow boots are mine also. I let my companion borrow them.
Well this week was a really good week! We got alot done with our members. This week we had 2 double exchanges and 2 regular exchanges. I went with Bishop Campos out to teach a few lessons. It was amazing to feel the love that our bishop has for each of his members. Also as we were visiting, people love telling Bishop about their Dreams/visions they have. These people are from the tribe of manasa, so they are called the "dreaming people." They are able to recieve revelation through their dreams. It was amazing to hear 8 wonderful stories about people being guided in their lives. I love this work and the people that i serve with.
Only one week left in this transfer and then its two till home,....    

November 25, 2013

So i am been a little off the board for a while. Sorry for that everyone. I am been pretty busy and i know that i need to pay for attention to yall. So this week was full of awesomeness. I had alot of fun with my companion and we got alot of work done. We have been working hard to find new people to teach. I know the lord sent us here to find the people who are needing Jesus in there life more and i promise that i will find them who need our help. So we have been searching high and low and under bridges and even under rocks and we have not really found anyone. but we did find Brenda Martinez. she is living with a member who was baptized 16 years ago in El salvador. They are not married. This is the only downfall. But unlike other experiences like these. He is not married to anyone else in el salvador. so it is very possible for them to get married. We are trying to help them get married because they want to get sealed. Boris lived in orem utah for 4 years and never got to go to the temple because he was not active. He has a goal now to get married baptize his girlfriend and in a year get sealed in the salt lake temple. he has no where to stay in a year when they go to salt lake to get married. so.... :) mom and dad? I hope thats ok? We are working with him to accomplish all of their goals and to get them hitched.
So the first picture is of elder melville and I at chior practice yestarday. We had been there for 3 hours and it was gettin greally borring. This christmal program is suppost to go really good. It is the stake activity that they are putting on. We are going to sing as missionaries all three of the days.  the first day is a missionary chior from out mission with 74 missionaries. The Second Day my companion and I and a few more people are doing a combined number with the young men and women in the spanish ward. and the third day is the spanish wards chior time. We have been practicing alot for this chior deal. so hopfully it goes good. one of the guys in the spanish chior is named edwardo duncan from the mormon colony juarez. he says he know the Call family. Pretty cool.
Picture #2 is of my hammer and I. I love my hammer. We go everywhere together. We have a "fix-it" relationship. We like fixing things around the house. Even our companion when he gets out of line. Haha i am going crazy. Good thing there is not alot of time left till i am home or i will be crazy! haha jk.
Picture #3 is haha. well there was no more room in the car. So i had to fit like a box behind the drivers seat. Hhahaha. i am still small enough to fit in small places but big enough to fight off anyone that is an enemy.
Well I love the mission field. We are getting alot of things done here in this are. I know that this church is true and that if anyone wants to serve a mission. even if you dont want to . Its really good for you to go. There are currently 47 full time missionaries in the Malad, IDaho stake. Jacob, wyatt, mckenna, Spencer, Regan? why not make it 5? what are you going to lose. Here is a quote from elder James e. faust. "Concecration is a surrender, but is also a victory." study concecrationa become concecrated and you will have the victory. I love this work.
Horrah for isreal!!