Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

Well the first picture is of Elder Soto and I. Elder Soto was a missionary that went home one year and four months ago. He is way sweet. It was really cool to see him walk into the chapel yestarday. He is also from colonial juarez and knows grandpa and grandma call. Its pretty cool. He is now on his way up to utah for his brothers wedding.
the second picture is of our thanksgiving dinner we had with the Garcia family. They are way sweet. I love the garcia family. Thanksgiving was a good day.
The third picture is of us and our cowboy/cowgirl outfits we wore to dinner on thanksgiving. Yes the yellow boots are mine also. I let my companion borrow them.
Well this week was a really good week! We got alot done with our members. This week we had 2 double exchanges and 2 regular exchanges. I went with Bishop Campos out to teach a few lessons. It was amazing to feel the love that our bishop has for each of his members. Also as we were visiting, people love telling Bishop about their Dreams/visions they have. These people are from the tribe of manasa, so they are called the "dreaming people." They are able to recieve revelation through their dreams. It was amazing to hear 8 wonderful stories about people being guided in their lives. I love this work and the people that i serve with.
Only one week left in this transfer and then its two till home,....    

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