Sunday, December 29, 2013

O MY ICE!!!!!   So we are sitting there at about 9:45pm and our phone rings. Its a member warning us about a potential ice storm. Yaa whatever. Well we went to sleep and woke up with 4 inches of ice. The first Picture is of the snow. All of the roads look like this. This is a field but all of the roads are caked on with ice and nobody not even the city owns snow machines to scrape of the ice. So we spent 26 hours or so this week scraping off ice and snow from peoples cars.. it was quite a chore to do all of that. We had a pretty slow week but its all ok.
The second Picture is of my district at the end of the transfer. We had a few funny moments. I am pointing at my district leader and i threw him up on my companions shoulders in less that 5 seconds. Haha! ya we are having fun here in arlington.
So I got a call from president Ames and he asked me to be district leader here in arlington. I told him that i would except and do my best for him and the lord. I am a little nervous but i know that i can do it. I love the lord and his work> I only have two transfers left. 12 weeks. I love you all and thank you for your love and letters.

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