Monday, February 25, 2013

Well this week i had a wicked crash. I flew over my handle bars and bent the back tire of my bike and ruined the gears. ya we are getting it fixed up. I also ripped my shirt and my pants and my belt and my badge is scraped pretty bad. ya it was an eventful thing. my hands got pretty cut up and my knee is killing me. but that is what happens. so ya.
     We got alot done. my companion is from san fransico de asis, guadalajara. Ya he is pretty cool we got a ton done this week. we found 9 new investigators and taught 14 lessons. we are doing great. we are so darn busy it is not even funny. Thank you to eveyone who wrote me this week. expect a letter back. thank you all. my companions are bugging me because they want to play bball. so see ya yall.
Nice lamborgini hu.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Well i am NOT getting tranfered. Elder Walker left to mexico this morning and Elder ALbertson is leaving this wednesday. Elder Aguirre is coming. He is from mexico. Yup it is going to be great! I am excited to finally ride my bike.
         If anyone was wondering. I have not been kidnapped by aliens, monkeys, spider monkeys, weird people, girls, hispanics, death, sickness, the internet, scary monsters, gorillas, hampsters or anything or anyone. I am perfectly fine. actually for the past year i have been serving in texas on a mission for the lord. it is a big and hard job and i want to cry sometimes. but yall could write me so that i will not cry myself to sleep. You can write me a letter at this address. 4814 waldemar street apartment # 128, Haltom City, TX 76117.
      Love yall

Monday, February 11, 2013

  Well I am doing great. I am very excited to be a missionary. What i am not excited about is that in about 3 weeks i will have 1 year on my mission. The mission is the best place in the world and i never want to go home or change what i am doing. I know that the lord is pleased with my contribution to his work. I know that i am in the right place and that my family and i will be blessed for what i am doing and for all of the support i have from my wonderful family. I am happy to have a family like all of you.
            So this week we set another baptism date for Antonio Malgara for the 23rd of february. He has read parts of the book of mormon and prayed to know that it is true and he knows it is true. he tells us that he is so excited the he is going to be baptized so that he can be washed from his sins and so that he can receive the holy ghost that will help him throughout his life. I am so excited and filled with joy when people say things like this. it is so amazing to see the change in peoples life and how fast it happens when they want to do it..
            So who is wondering about the "red shirt." well i washed a red shirt with all of my white shirts and got them all red....... yup i bleached them after.........Still red..............Still very angry that i only have 3 shirts. I am happy that i can still be a missionary though. It is funny that i can learn how to help someone repent of all of their sins and emotional needs but i cannot wash my laundry correctly. probably because the lord is the one helping people change and i am just an instrument. But that leaves me with just a bad laundry washer. :)
           I am happy to be on a mission and thank yall for yall support. Happy Valentines day and dont have fun without me.

Monday, February 4, 2013

well nothing much is new. I am a new person. you will get to see that in 1 year. That will be fun to get to see yall. it will be very soon.