Monday, February 25, 2013

Well this week i had a wicked crash. I flew over my handle bars and bent the back tire of my bike and ruined the gears. ya we are getting it fixed up. I also ripped my shirt and my pants and my belt and my badge is scraped pretty bad. ya it was an eventful thing. my hands got pretty cut up and my knee is killing me. but that is what happens. so ya.
     We got alot done. my companion is from san fransico de asis, guadalajara. Ya he is pretty cool we got a ton done this week. we found 9 new investigators and taught 14 lessons. we are doing great. we are so darn busy it is not even funny. Thank you to eveyone who wrote me this week. expect a letter back. thank you all. my companions are bugging me because they want to play bball. so see ya yall.
Nice lamborgini hu.

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