Monday, March 4, 2013

Well my bike is fixed. Some guy at the bike shop immediatly started working on my bike and fixed it in about 10 minutes and didnt charge me a dime. Ya he is a sweet dude. My knee is still killing me but i will be ok. my hands are still cut up but they are getting better. I love the mission. It is fun.
      We set a baptism date this week for Jose Hernandez who is going to be baptized march 16, 2013. It is very exciting news. He is older so he really doesn't have a good understanding of the doctrin but he understands the spirit telling him that thing church is true. It definateley is an experience to be on a mission. If you want to know what i mean- Go on a mission. The feelings that you feel when you see and are able to help be a tool for god to help change peoples lives is amazing. I truely would never change or trade my mission experience for anything in the world. I love my mission and i know that the lord is pleased with what i am doing and what 100,000 other missionaries are doing.
           Well I love yall. thank yall so much for all the support.

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