Monday, March 25, 2013

 Well this entire fruit thing is getting out of control. But what can I say. There is not alot of things we get to do as missionaries to enjoy ourselves. The First picture is of some sweet texas house decorations. The second is of some random cat that i fed in our doorway and the third is the crazy advertizer/salesman for a tax return company. We ride our bikes past him everyday and he is always singing some weird country songs. The las picture is......... THE BANANA PEANUT BUTTER FORT!!!!!!!!! -- i dont need to explain that.
         Yup well general conference is coming up soon and i am super dang excited!! I am way pumped to be spiritually fed and to help others come unto christ. I am super excited to help all of the people here in texas. Well I am running a little short on time and i have to email my mission president still.
  Have fun this wek.

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