Monday, March 18, 2013

Ya fruit is whats up. yall like grapefruit? I do.
Well i folded my money to help me save and it is working. By the time i get the hearts out and unfold them i dont want to spend it. Ya good dicipline i know.
This week Jose Hernandez was suppost to be baptized and he didnts because he jut didnt want to. It breaks your heart so see people have recieved a witness and will not be baptized. this week out district (4 companionships) taught 121 lessons and got 50 new investigators. We taught 33 and found 15 new investigators. Ya we did good.

The first picture is of me and my trainer. he is now my district leader and we went on an exchange. It was way cool.
The second picture is....... THE LOCH NESS GRAPEFRUIT
The third picture is how i save money
The last is our new white board that we finished.
Elder Dillon Glen Allen

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