Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Well as every previous missionary knows and every future missionary will know, we have are very deprived and are very easily entertained. So i found a bunch of Legos and made my wanna be house, car, and get away island/boat. O ya it is sweet. This p-day was dang sweet due to all the Legos.Well what is everyone up to? So there is something in the mission called the Great Apostasy of letters. I really sucks and it usually happens around peoples year mark. Thank you so much for continually sending me letters so that i do not fall into this category of people. Your letters are greatly appreciated. I will always right back. This is a picture of fort Worth and Me. We are dang close to fort worth as you can see. only about 2 miles away. So this Saturday we have a baptism and we are super excited. His name is Jose Hernandez. He is 61 years old and has received an answer that the book of Mormon is true. Pray for his continued strength in reading and praying please.
    O ya...... (read with anticipation and excitement).... THE MANGO FISH. ok so that mango was eaten in about 45 seconds and 6 bites. Yup i was a hungry boy. So with the pit i made some fins and named him MANGO FISH. yup it was too cool not to tell anyone. We price match fruit all the time at walmart. This week i baught 10 mangos and 8 grapefrutes and 4 bananas for 5 dollars. Thank you all for your support and letters.

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