Monday, April 15, 2013

Well sorry family for not writing yall in two weeks. I have had a bad case of adapting to the texas twane of bein sick in the spring. I have had a constant 2 week headache and i had to go to the clinic so sort out my breathing issue. But all is well in the neighborhood because I am back and......... PINEAPPLE IN ONE BITE!!!!!!!!!!
This first picture is me eating a...... PINEAPPLE IN ONE BITE!!!!!
The second picture is the Santa muerte. This is pretty much the grim reaper. People pray to this weird dead person with an orb to help get revenge on people. talk about selling your soul to the devil.
The third picture is me eating delicious mint chocolate chip blue bell ice cream on a hot texas day. I also got a haircut. Ya looks good dont it.
The last picture is me drawing spongebob characters on my take out that a member gave us.
Well love yall! thanks for your love and support that yall give me. ill email yall next week.

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