Monday, April 22, 2013

Well hello everyone.
      This week was dang good. Very long but we got alot of work done. We set a baptism date with Gabriel Saragosa for May 11, 2013.  He is from Mexico. He lives here by himself and he accepted a baptism date the 2nd lesson. so lets see if we can get it done. We had Jose Hernandez come to church this week. He was supposed to be baptized like four weeks ago but he never was. He still comes to church but always tells us every time he sees us that he is not going to be baptized. Weird but ok. He has received testimonies of other people and I know that he has a testimony of the book of Mormon but he wont be baptized. i have no idea what he is missing or what he is thinking but that is ok because everyone has their agency to choose.
      So we are getting a visa waiter tomorrow. This will be my third visa waiter and my tenth companion. I am excited. He is going to love it here in haltom. especially because we are in a bike area. It is going to be so much easier to teach the single lady investigators that we have now because there are going to be three of us. We are going to work the new kid hard enough to progress but not hard enough to make him hate the mission field and want to go home.
     So my Spanish is flying through the room. I am getting so good. I know that i am because of the blessings from the lord. I have been being very diligent in my language studies so that the lord will bless me and i know that i have been blessed. It is so fun to see peoples reactions when they hear a white guy speak fluent spanish.
so here are some pictures
#1 is where they are harvesting natural gas right next to our apartment. there are about 10 of these things in my area. They set up this huge wall all around this thing and make alot of noise all day and all night.
#2 ya its a baby chicken. pollito
#3 more baby chickens. pollitos
#4 and that is a full talapia fish being cooked. ya i ate the entire thing. Head and tail. yup it was surprisingly dang good.
Well thats all folks. See yall in a year. Love yall    

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