Sunday, December 29, 2013

Well the first picture is of the spanish chior that we have been practicing for. We finally performed yestarday and it was super sweet!! We loved it alot. It was a cool experience to be apart of something like that.
The Second picture is of THE SHADOW NINJA MOUSE!!!! ya i am pretty bummed out that i didnt get to go deer hunting last year. but the mighty hunter will find a way to fill the emptiness of his heart. Ya i chased it and stomped on it.- Mean Mug.
The third picture is of me fitting 3 cookies in my mouth at once. Ya it was a challenge but i put my skills to the test and came out victorious.
This week was great! District leader from day one was super busy. I have been on my toes with everything. There is a new elder in our district who is suffering from homesickness. So i called him and assured him that i would suffer with him. I am pretty homesick myself. But i told him that we just need to see the big picture and not worry about our families. Whatever happens at home is 100% Gods Will. I have been getting phone calls left and right for opinions, questioins, you name it, its gonna happen. Crazy life. Just what i needed with 2.5 months left. I wanted to take the rest of my mission slow. Not happenin. I am going to be very busy which means time goes by even faster. 
Well thats about all thats going on here. O YA!!! we were riding past the cowboys stadium and AC/DC was playing life. Made my day.. haha I love texas!!!

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