Monday, August 20, 2012

so the reason for the grasshopper frog apartments is because everytime we go to these spacific apartments there is a dead grasshopper being eaten by ants. yeserday there was a frog. yup. life as a missionary is full of a lame sense of humor. so this week was full of all sorts of fun. elder campell on an exchange recked our car. it wasnt bad. just scratched the bumper. we were ok. :) me and elder campbells echange was sweet. elder campbell loves zelda and so do i.
alright so this week we taught 11 lessons. we are doing our best to invite others to come unto christ. my spanish is just flying through the roof. i cant believe all of the spanish i am kicking out. i love the mission. so we went to zone conference this week and it was sweet. we started out with president sagers started out and he talked for a few ours. i felt so awesome during the entire conference. i know this church is true. i love 3 nephi... it is actually jesus christ speaking for like 20  chapters.
ok so i want to share a story.
the eagle that thinks he is a chicken. ok so a little girl and her granpa were driving down a road when their car broke down and they managed to get to a farm house. the farmer was helping the grandpa fix the car when he noticed the grandpa was a famous baseball player. in the mean time the girl was looking at the chicken coop and she called her grandpa over to look. they all noticed an eagle in the chiken coop. so the grandpa asked the farmer why there was an eagle in the chicken coop. the farmer replied that they found an abandoned nest and their was one egg left. sot he farmer put it in the chicken coop and the chickens raised it. the grandpa offered the man money for the eagle. he wanted to try to help the eagle fly and reach its true potential. the farmer agreed and warned the grandpa that the eagle acts and is a chicken. so the grandpa and the grandaughter left to the field of the farmer. the grandaught asked what the grandpa was doing. the grandpa replied to the eagle and said your an eagle spread your wings and fly. the eagle flopped to the ground. the grandpa had a flashback to his childhood when he was just learning to play baseball. the little boy didnt get to play with everyone and he was very sad. his father said its alright lift your head a little higher. flashback to the present and they  went higher up the mountain. the grandaughter asked again what the grandpa was doing. and the grandpa said to the eagle you are an eagle spread your wings and fly. the eagle again did nothing. and the grandpa had another flashback to when he was a teenager. he stuck out in a baseball game and his dad came up to him and said its alright swing higher next time. flashback to the present and they went higher up the mountain to the top and as soon as they got to the top the grandpa had another flashback to when the grandpa hit his home run and was a famous person that had reached his true potential. flashback to the present and the grandaughter asked what the grandpa was doing and the grandpa replied to the girl. i am helping the eagle reach its true potential. he then said to the eagle spred your wings and fly and the eagle flew away.this is a great story. apply this to your lives after great thought and pondering.
thank you for all of your support and love.

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