Tuesday, January 22, 2013

 Well 11 months into the misson field and I finally out of a car area. I am excited to be in a bike area. But I will not get to ride a bike for the next five weeks because we have a visa waiter Elder walker and he does not have a bike. So transfers in the mission are usually only 6 weeks. This current transfer is 5 weeks long due to the rapid growth of missionaries entering the mission field.
               So we live in a super getto apartment that smells like cigarretts. Ya it is gross. But i love my companions. Elder Alberston and Elder Walker. attached is a photo of us. The first picture on the right is elder albertson and in the middle is elder walker. The second picture is all of our dirtyness before i cleaned it.
           Well yup. we are not riding  bikes so we walk. i think we have walked no joke probably 20 miles the last 5 days. Ya it was fun. I love this area. We avtually have a baptism tomorrow and another one february 9th. Yes it is very exciting. Well that is all this week. Love yall.

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