Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Email to Carlean:

my companion is from shelly idaho. he remindes me of zack!  i love him so very much. he is a great elder. i have learned so much about him! i am excited to spend the next seven weeks with him... here at the mtc i get treats everyday from other missionaries!! i have finally gained a little weight! the mtc fattens you up a bit. i would love a letter in spanish!! i love spanish i learn so much everyday!! i have no idea what i would like. something in spanish that pertains to the gospel. i love the gospel and spanish. it is a miracle that i am privilaged to learn both at the same time!!. an elder in my district is from vinuatu (i dont know if i spelled that right, its an island by fiji) and he has never seen snow. we taught him how to build a snowman and we had a pretty awesome snowfight (while you were driving through it probably) !! it was very fun. i am learning so much and my love for the gospel is so great. i would never trade it for anything. i have been the district leader for the two weeks we have been here. it is very hard but i am learning alot and i am very good at it. it is amazing what you can do and what you learn when you have the holy ghost for a constant companion. have fun and stay safe this week. o ya tell jacob that the nametag he wanted is going to take me a while to get because i have to go to the scheduling office and sign up on a list. the problem with the list is there are about 200 missionaries before me that have lost there badge. ya a long and annoying line. that is one thing i am glad i have, the ability of being responsible and somewhat organized!!! love you all!! ill here from you in a week or so!!
-Elder dillon glen allen

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