Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello family and Friends,
             Texas had good weather this week. it was only about 95. The humidity was bad this week. it was very humid and holy cow its a different feeling. so we helped out this man named julio. we dug up three trunks in the matter of ya an hour. so we went into his house and he had a life size virgin mary in their living room. ya it was funny. we said an opening prayer and they clapped and cheered for us. ya it was weird. then after the lesson they gave us like eight different sauces. ya then they invited us to eat with them. it was sweet. tuesday elder jones got food poisoning from some kind of food. ya i just chilled in the apartment and i realized how boring it is if you do not work. it sucked. well we made the long travel to highland to teach some guy named joe. we are also having a barbecue tonight with a member and joe will be their. this week was fun. we taught 12 lessons. it was sweet. well that was a little bit of my week. have fun family and remember........... the church is true.

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