Monday, February 24, 2014

 I received a humbled phone call last night at 11:18pm concerning my Great Grandparents. My Mission President, A Man Of God, calmed my mourning heart. We talked for a very long 10 minutes. He affirmed me that their passing was peaceful and 100% the will of the Lord. The funeral will beSaturday and I want everyone to know that on Saturday i will be there in your hearts. Saturday evening at 8pm (7pm yalls time)  we will be having 4 baptisms. He said something very heart-touching concerning these four baptisms, "Elder Allen, this is just a thought I feel I should share with you. Perhaps they will be there with you to witness these baptisms." I agreed over the phone as a very very definite wave of warmth love, joy, peace, the Holy Ghost. Praise be to Grandpa and Granny Tubbs for the positive, God-willing impact that they had in the world. Because of them, Many are serving missions. These missionaries have and will touch the hearts of many which will cause a chain reaction that will change the lives of many and secure their eternal salvation. D&C 18: 15-16 Praise be to the loving memory of Earl J and Betty Jeanne Tubbs, Together Forever.
        We had 2 Baptisms this week! Marcela and Sophia both got baptized. They were very excited. I know that they will progress very fast in the gospel. We have 4 more baptisms scheduled for this saturday. I am very happy for the plan of salvation. I love the lord and his perfect plan that allows families to be together forever-The fist step being baptism.
       We also did 8 hours of service. We helped jack-up a house with car jacks and then level out the foundation and place center blocks on the firm foundation.
I love you all!!!

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