Monday, February 24, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
    Well 5 weeks ago i was in ahh with how much time i have left in the mission field. Now i am just.............. without words. The mission goes by very very fast. If anyone wants to go on a mission and thinks that it is just too long. Dont worry. Within a month you will realize two things. That the mission goes by very fast and that you will never want to leave. I am kinda freaking out about coming home. Way scary!
My companion and I were ranked the #2 companionship this week. We have 6 baptismal dates. Marcela Valdez and Sophia Gonzales for the 21st of february. Alexis esquibel, Jorge Martinez, wendy martinez, and yolanda martinez for the 1st of march. We also had 8 investigators at church. this was a good week! hopefully this week will  be better! Enjoy the pictures and have fun without me for the last couple weeks that yall have.
Picture #1
     This is the picture of Octavio Elizondo that we baptized last week. He is such a solid member now. He is going to pass the sacrament for his first time this sunday. (He is the Taller One in the picture)
Picture #2
     Yup. The meanmug. Nuff said
Picture #3
     I locked my companion to the fridge. :)

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