Monday, October 29, 2012

 Well i have been hearing alot about a hurricane lately... What is going on? If people would just obey the sabbathe day than all of the natural desasters would not be happening. I gave a talk this week in sacrament meeting about the sabbath. ya i loved it. my ward mission leader also spoke.
    So i have a new companion, his name is elder keller. he is fired up and ready to work. alot different than my last companion. elder duncan is a hard worker just like me, his spanish is super good, i am glad to have him as my companion. well he is from cedar city, Utah, he was a punk before the mission. :) he still is but we are exactly the same. we enjoy playfully making fun of each other. it is very enjoyable.
    So the Miracle of the week is Joaquin. He is a man we trackted into. He went to a mormon church a while ago in mexico. he told us to go back. well we have no miles for the rest of the month in our car, so we are walking and we walked about 8 miles round trip to his house so that we could teach him. He said that he was pretty tired and to come back another day, but that is ok i said how about we come in for 10 minutes and walked into his house. He graciously let us in and we taught him about faith for 10 minutes and said a prayer with him. He is about 5 foot nothing. he is short. he looks like a mexican. i am really excited to teach him and to get to know him. well the trailer park that he lives in is infested with mexicans, about 75 mexicans live in about 15-20 trailers. it is sweet that  we finally found some hispanic people to teach and help them recieve the restored gospel.
    So i have been thinking that is is Christmas soon and i want to have EVERYONES adress so i can write a letter to them. Please!! :) Gugelmans,  grandparents Tubbs, Plowmans, Jared and Jeannie,  grandparents Allen, Angie and her family, Summers, Genes ( i dont know if i spelled it right, alma and lexi), Todd and angela, Travis and Ciesa??, umm.... John and camile, Peters, Lincoln and heather and anyone else that would like to hear from me. I am really wanting to do this everyone so send me your addresses through email or a hand written letter!! :) love all of you.
     So this week on tuesday, elder duncan, partriach carrol and I wento to the glorias for a lesson. it was a sweet experience to see the glorias want to make their family better through the gospel. the glorias are members and they are having a hard time right now with marriage. so all we do ( not get involved ) is teach the missionary lessons and apply it to their children. and some of them are not members. their children that are not members all have baptism dates.
       *( hahahaha ok this is funny, so i am emailing right now and some lady sat down accross from me and she will not stop looking at me and my nametag, she is literally leaning way over to see me, hahah funny)
    Wednesday elder duncan left to fort worth and elder border (my zone leader) and i sat in the appartment and waited for a while for our companions to get there. ya i got elder keller and he is a sweet missionary. we will do great this transfer.
    Saturday we found alot, i mean alot of hispanics. i am excited to start teaching them. We are doing great. and sunday was just and dandy as the rest of the week.
    So alot of people are emailing me and asking me what i want for my birthday and christmas... so here is what i would like ( but do not need) if you all want something to do.
    1) I would like a written testimony of my family members (including paden)
    2) The last 2 Gerneral Conferences on cd's
    3) Garmets...... 32 waist and medium shirt... cotton-polly deep neck.
    4) Picture of my immediate family, (Troy, shelly, wyatt, emmett, olivia and Paden) and a picture of anyone else, but i really want a picture with my immediate family.
    5) A tie
    6) Chap Stick
    7) Mormon tabernacle Chior Cd
    8) Lots of love
So i am loving the mission. i cannot believe that i have almost been on my mission for 8 months. it is going by too fast. i am not liking how fast it is, but i would not trade these experinces at all. So I love everyone and thank you for everything yall do for me. :))

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