Tuesday, October 9, 2012

 Ya crazy story. alright so i ran into some random person that knows me. i have never seen this person in my life. but she knew my first and last name. So ya wierd. i still dont know someone from New York that has blonde hair. ya still dont know. i wonder how many people look like me?
           Alright so this week was sweet. First off this week was really slow due to the cold weather. it was about 45-50 degrees all week. ya not cold at all. my companion is from california and he is a little girl. hahah not really. but he is cold. he wears a huge trench coat. ya its pretty funny.
       Well i have been studying ALOT the past week. i am so greatful for all of the knowledge and maturity i have gained in the mission. i am so greatful for the atonement of our lord and savior jesus christ that allows us to repent of sins and transgressions that cannot usually be fixed.
       I know that through immersing yourself in the gospel by serving a mission will help anyone through anything.
well sorry everyone for who was looking forward  to hearing from me. i have ran our of time. You can always just write me a letter and i will write you back.
See Ya!!!

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