Monday, October 22, 2012

Hello Everyone,

             So this week we set 4 Baptism dates. Jessica, Tony, and Bella Gloria, and jaime ocampo. Things are finnaly picking up! i am so excited to finnaly start teaching more people. i know that we are finding more people because of our obedience. we have been working so hard and being so obedient. it is finnall paying off. all four of them are being baptized on november 10.

 Well my email was to big. so i am doing fine in texas. it is starting to get cooler here. it is now about 75 ish most of the time. it is better than 115. I am super sick. i have had a constant migrane for about a week now and throwing up all over. we still did a really good job. i know that we are being blessed. So anyone have anymore cool stories?
        The miracle of the week is Jaime Ocampo. We knocked into him and he listened. he wanted to be baptized within 15 minutes of meeting us. He is super ready to be baptized. He is 24 and still lives at his parents house. His mom is super catholic and she does not like us at all. but he cleaned the yard and the house and washed the cars and showered and repaired the roof. We asked him why he did it. he said that he felt like he was a somebody when he reads the book of mormon. he is a cool guy. he read 8 chapters in less than a day. he cleanned everything in a day. he is an elect person. lets hope his mom stops hatting us.
         So exchanges are here. i am staying in weatherford. elder duncan is going to Fort worth. he has been there 3 times now. My new companion i get wednesday. His name is elder keller. i do not know who he is but elder duncan has a picture of him and he looks pretty cool. i am excited to meet him. Elder duncan is super excited to go to fort worth.
      Well talk to yall next week.

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