Monday, October 1, 2012

So this week it rained nonstop for three days. it was crazy. we logged our walking miles in at 13 miles in the porring rain with umbreallas. :) i had alot of fun because i got to use my boots that i have only used a few times. i am glad i have them. This week was kinda a wierd week. We found 6 new investigators and a ton of english people as referals. the english elders are baptizing up a storm and 90% of them are from us. sad how that works. but that is ok. the lords work will go forth. so our mission president is going around for interviews to everyones apartments this month. he told us if the house is a mess that he will hire a maid to clean our house. so they want me to get 50 bucks from my parents. Mom and Dad. dont send the money. i am going to make my companion clean. :) the house is going to be clean and i am excited to see my companion finally clean. before i came in my companion had been in this area for 4 months and he never did dishes or cleaned the bathroom.... GROSSSSS!!!!!! ya its been clean for about 3 weeks now. :) i am prideful about that.
               We are finding alot of success in weatherford. we are working with members and teaching alot of their friends. the members in the ward who do the most missionary work are a recent couple named Jacob and Itzel Payne. they are sweet they have at least one very solid referal every week that we teach with them in their house. the payne family is my favorite. i really hope i can stay in weatherford the rest of my mission because the ward has so much potential and i can help them reach their potentioal. it is already starting to happen. i love weatherford.
           Alright now about Mewtwo,,,,,.....,.,.,.,.   we took our trash out and in the dumpster we found at least 1500 baseball cards and pokemon cards. they are all 20 year old cards or older. Mewtwo is one of them.... Muahahaha.....(the muahahaha is for Jacob.... i will save it. mabe i will send it to you)   well we are going to a pawn shop to sell the baseball cards. we found alot of rookie cards that might be worth something. i am pretty excited. Dad can you send me an envelope for tithing for the ward. i might make some money today. :)
             So i have been learning alot lately. what i am really excited about is the church release mini preach my gospels in spanish and english. we get them for 4 dollars. i am super excited to get them. if anyone wants to study with me this week. i am studying preach my gospel chapter 6, christlike attributes. it will be worth your time because.... it will be. i am so greatful to be on a mission. if anyone who hasnt gone on a mission who is reading this who is able to go... GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! you are missing out on the best experience that you can ever experience in this life. their are seen and unseen forces and blessing in missionary work. just being able to see a 50 year old man that is addictied to cigarretts and with major law of chastity problems and no morals, to a man who prays and thanks god for everything he as given him. also to see someone want to change and make covenants with the lord through faith with the hope that god will take care of them. if anyone has doubts of not serving a mission. in 17 months..... i will change your doubts for you. it is an amazing experience that even bill gates cant even buy.
                   sorry i am writing a ton and just about random stuff. i know that is church is true and through realization and action on the things that god has given us, you can be cleansed from sin and recieve everlasting life. why cant jack spearrow just join the church. its much easier to make covenants than to, kill a cracken, almost die by gun, knife, women, davie jones, drownding, a short drop and sudden stop, commidor norington... ect. o i know why, he likes his rum.... hahaha i thought humor would be funny. ya so i am fine hear in weatherford if anyone is wondering...(mom)  i love it hear. i would consider moving hear after my mission if their were one thing.... MOUNTAINS!!!!!!!   I am so homesick for mountains. i have a HUGE gut ache everytime i think about mountains. especially because hunting season is this month. YOU all better send be picktures of the bucks and elk you kill... (grandpa tubbs, jacob, wyatt, Josh, Dad- Go hunting for me and kill a deer.)
             Well everyone i love you all soooo very much. i love you like a fat kid loves cake. or a hobo likes a baked potato... or like wyatt loves hunting..... i will send some earplugs home for you mom. it is hunting season so that means wyatts mouth is going to be on hyperspeed. WELL love you all. Take care and if anyone loves me they will send me some pictures in the mail of the mountains. LOVE YALL>

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