Monday, July 22, 2013

Well We did alot of stuff this week.
      Picture #1: This is a pretty cool mess that someone made on the side of a bridge. We taught a man a lesson under a bridge. He was just sitting down there so we made the long journey hopping across rocks to get to him and taught him. Then We took this picture.
      Picture #2: We were doing service and i ripped my pants. Ya it was a bummer. They were my only service pants. Everyone had a good laugh because they saw my underwear.
      Picture #3: This is our trio. I am in the middle because i am a flipppin sweet person from Idaho. My companion elder Newman is on the right because he is Mexican. and elder walker is on the left because he is.... haha
     This week is a busy week. We have pday today. Tomorrow we have interviews. Wednesday we have district meeting. Thursday is weekly planning. Friday is a baptism and Saturday is another baptism. i am pretty excited. This is going to go by fast. Thanks yall for reminding me that i only have 7 months left on my mission. I cry every time i get reminded.
Thanks for all the letters and support. I love yall and i hope that all those who have not gone on missions who are capable to do so will go. If not, you  are missing out on a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Love yall.

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