Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,
   First Picture: This is a chinchilla. I have never seen of of these. it was hissing at me alot when i was around him. I dont know why but he was.
   Second Picture: This is me in a tree. haha i scared the missionaries we were with. I swung down and scared all of them half to death.
   Third Picture: This is my companion. He fell asleep. I  got bored of him being asleep so i put an expo marker to work. Haha he woke up and it was a good laugh. he thought it was funny. Nothing has happened to me yet since i have been to sleep.  it was alot of fun.
arlington is full of hispanics. my companion and i set a goal to contact 40 people a day. Yestarday we contacted 66. It was a good day. there are alot of apartments here which it makes it easy to find people. I really like this area. I will see yall in 3 months and about 15 days. not that i am counting.

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