Monday, December 3, 2012

 So Holy Crap!!! Time is going by so fast! I have been in weatherford for 12 weeks and we got transfers today and i am staying in weatherford for another 6 weeks. i am so excited! i love this area so much. So we got out trio finally. Elder Cameron Cook is from san diego california and he is waiting to go to puebla mexico. He is a sweet kid. he is a great example and he is full of the "greeny fire" he is and will be a great missionary. So how is everyones christmas going to be? Mine is going to be better. sorry i am pridefull about that. just kidding i love everyone.
        So we still have the baptism date for Alexis Gloria for the 22 of december. that is going to be so sweet. I am excited for her and her decision. So we also have been working with a number of families that are just golden.  they are progressing just nicely. i am such a happy missionary. i know that i am doing what i am suppost to be doing.
       So nothing really happened this week. I had a great birthday. thank you so much for everyones gifts. they were greatly appreciated.
Sorry it is such a short letter. gotta go.

Elder Dillon Glen Allen

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