Monday, December 17, 2012

Hello everyone!
     I really hope that everone is having a fun time preparing for christmas. i am having the time of my life here in texas. I am still in weatherford and i love it. We has 3 baptism dates this week and we taught about 15 lessons. We are doing great and i know that the lord is pleased with what i and every missionary is doing. it is very important to the lord.
     Well it rained alot in about 10 minutes on friday. ya it was dumb..... i wanted it to snow. but that is ok because i am still alive. so sorry i do not have much time today. but i hope everyone has a good week.
 We are having a baptism this weekend. i am excited. i know that we are being blessed because of our obedience and faithful acts to be better. i am glad to be a missionary.

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