Monday, December 10, 2012

  Hey yall! So what is everyone up to? Merry Christmas. So how is the cold up in Idaho? Or wherever everyone is. I am happy to be in Texas. Haha. It is cold and humid here. So it is chilly through the bone not to the bone. I am happy it is cold because i like the cold but i do not like to cold when i am sleeping. my companions do so i freeze at night. But DO NOT SEND ME A BLANKET. i am ok. i dont want to have to haul around another blanket.
         So if anyone is wondering if i am ok. i am. i am so excited to email because i have so much to talk about but when the time comes to email i have a moment where i do not remember. I do not know why i do not remember but i do. But is everyone excited to see Paden? He is a changed person. i know that he is a great person now. (he was before, now he is just "better") I am excited to get to speak to him on christmas. I dont think he will speak english at all so that i cant make fun of his silly mexican accent.. :) ya here in america its not all one accent, its every hispanic culture so i speak hispanic. but i am trying to get the San Luiz accent. that would be sweet. they talk in bursts of very fast spanish.
          Ya So this week we taught 25 lessons and got 17 new investigators. We have 3 Baptism dates currently and we are praying and hoping that they all go through. We are just doing great this week. So our mission president wants us to keep track of the people we talk to and bear testimony everyday and we wants us to have a minimum of 40 people per day. i know that this is possible. so if i do that for roughly 15 more months i will have talked to: about 18,000 People. ya doesnt seem like alot but if you mutiply that by 200,000 missionaries in the world it is: My phone says error. the number is too big, 5,760,000,000 billion people in 2 years if every missionary does their part. So roughly 2 more years until everyone has had the opportunity to hear the gopsel. haha ya that is crazy. So if anyone did not know about the growth of missionary work it has grown 400% so we pretty much have 200,000 missionaries that will be in the field in the next few years. this is amazing. i cannot believe what an impact this will do on the world. I am so excited and so proud to be part of this great missionary effort.
        So ya i am pretty exited for this next week of missionary work. i am glad to be a missionary. i know that i am doing the right thing. i am proud of the work paden has done and still is doing. i challenge yall to see paden and want to change your lives to grow as much as he did. it is quite an accomplishment he has done and i am proud of him.
             LOVE YALL>!!?><?>

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