Monday, November 26, 2012

  Well, Elder Keller and I will be getting a new missionary in our already too small apartment. He is a visa waiter going to mexico. He will be a good missionary. I am excited because all of the hispanic males are working during the day and we cannot teach the Females without a third man. Well we now have a third person. O ya we are going to baptize alot more. So that is going to be sweet but it will not be sweet because our apartment is litterally Small. Yes it is going to be an adventure.
           So this week was very eventfull. We found 11 new investigators. We also taught 13 lessons this week. I was very excited. So everything is suppost to be bigger in texas. Well i am proud to say that idahoans know how to cook thanksgiving dinner bigger. :) Thanksgiving was great. We ate with the Formans house. They are americans so we had the traditional everything execpt, MASHED POTATOES AND GRAVY...... ya what the heck no potatoes and gravy. o well. we also ate with the Torres family and had pork tamales and sweet coconut tamales. O they are gold in Corn husk. I loved them.
           So on friday, We found this man who was leaving to fort worth and we taught him a lesson and he came to church and know is a progressing investigator. His name is Julio Salazar. He is 75 years old. he is from El Salvador and he has lived in america for 45 years. he is a really cool guy who has being prepared by the lord.
          Yup so that is about all we have done this week. I would list all of the people we met but yall dont really know any of them. But yup that was our week. Thanks everyone in advance for the million presents i am going to get for my birthday because i know that my family loves me so much. (that was a hint to send me something, but yall dont have to because its the thought that counts)

Elder Dillon Glen Allen

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