Monday, November 19, 2012

Well Hello everyone! This week was sweet! We had a baptism this week. Tony and isabella gloria. i will send a picture today. Yes i love that family. they are all members now excepet the girls in the bottom left row with a red shirt on. Jessica. she has a baptism date for december 22. Welkl i am doing great! i love the mission.
Well its thanksgiving this week so, I am thankful for....
  1. The very little rain that weatherford got yestarday.
  2. A library i have to be here typing this letter.
  3. A companion to always be here to help me out.
  4. Zone leaders who share an area with us.
  5. Long sleeve shirt to wear because it is getting "cold" in texas.... 45 degrees... :) warm
  6. Glasses so that i can see very far away.
  7. Planner to keep me organized.
  8. A mission president to recieve revelation for the texas fort worth mission.
  9. my bed to keep me warm
  10. socks to keep me warm
  11. jackets to keep me warm
  12. letters to keep my motivation going
  13. family to support me
  14. a mother to love
  15. a father to always see how much you look up to him the more you grow up
  16. a brother to set the example to go on a mission
  17. a brother to go on a mission when i get home. and if he doesnt want to. to bad its going to happen anyway
  18. another brother that better go on a mission in 4 to 5 years that has potential to be the best missionary in the world.
  19. a sister to always see that i need to grow up and mature alot more
  20. a family to always love and to cherish for eternity
  21. the priesthood to seal families together forever
  22. friends to always help you through problems and to be there when you need them and to laugh with.
  23.  A ring to remind me of joseph smith and the prayer that changed this history of eternity forever.
  24. the book of mormon to proove the restoration really happened
  25. the book of mormon to help anyone through problems in life
  26. the book of mormon to let us know the great plan of salvation that god
  27. the book of mormon that keeps everyone in the gospel continually learning and fortifying testimonies
  28. technology that helps the work of the lord along much much much much faster
  29. my legs so that i can run and proclaim the gospel to everyone
  30. my feet so i can walk when i can no longer run
  31. my knees so that i can crawl when i can no longer walk
  32. my arms to drag me along when my knees are bloody
  33. my mouth to testify when i can no longer move.
  34. the opportunity i have to be a missionary for our lord and savior jesus christ
  35. god loves us
  36. gospel blesses families
  37. dispensations
  38. Savior and his earthy ministry
  39. Great apostacy
  40. the restoration
  41. joseph smith
  42. the book of mormon: another testimont of jesus christ
  43. Prayer to know of the truth by the power of the holy ghost
  44. agency
  45. priesthood
  46. prophets
  47. reedeemer
  48. pre earth life
  49. The creation
  50. agency and adam and eve
  51. earth life
  52. atonement
  53. spirit world
  54. ressurection
  55. judgement
  56. immortality
  57. exaltation
  58. Celestial kingdom
  59. Through jesus christ we can be cleansed from sin
  60. faith
  61. repentance
  62. baptism
  63. holy ghost
  64. enduring to the end
  65. obedience
  66. sabbath day
  67. ten commandments
  68. testimonies
  69. fasting
  70. sacrament
  71. tithing
  72. law of chastity
  73. Word of wisdom
  74. bishops and his councelors
  75. decans
  76. teachers
  77. priests
  78. high priests
  79. elders
  80. stake presidents
  81. area of seventies
  82. twelve apostels
  83. first presidency
  84. Thomas S. Monson
  85. Holy Ghost
  86. Jesus Christ
  87. Heavenly Father
  88. Heavenly Moter
  89. priethood again
  90. MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!
  91. the world and what it offers.... What does it offer look from numbers 92-142
  92. water
  93. propel
  94. aquafina
  95. filtered
  96. bottled
  97. fiji
  98. smart
  99. all other brands of water
  100. perre
  101. food
  102. potatoes
  103. mashed potatoes
  104. curly fires
  105. shoes
  106. pants
  107. shirts
  108. ties
  109. paper
  110. pens
  111. pencils
  112. books
  113. desks
  114. chairs
  115. carpet
  116. backpacks
  117. tooth brush
  118. blankets
  119. pillow
  120. slippers
  121. tables
  122. concrete
  123. air
  124. clouds
  125. moon
  126. sun
  127. stars
  128. summer
  129. winter
  130. fall
  131. spring
  132. spanish
  133. english
  134. gift of tongues
  135. laughter
  136. board games
  137. wakee six
  138. monopoly
  139. stratigo
  140. soduku
  141. word searches
  142. ect
Elder Dillon Glen Allen

 So haha the pictures. i would be a good mexican. those are my yellow boots. the last picture is my companion now

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