Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Well i am going to be honest. i have no idea what happened last week due to me being in the middle of this week. We couldnt email on monday due to the veterans day and tuesday because of the conference we had with elder bowen of the seventy. i will write about the conference on monday.
So How is everyone doing? Any plans for thanksgiving? What about Christmas. I have not recieved any addresses in the mail of anyone. I want them. i want to write all of my family and tell them of my appriciation. I am so glad to be serving a mission. I am glad that i have this opportunity to be a missionary. I am practically overwhelmed with the spirit always and i dont know why 9 months feels like a dream. Well i am so glad that everyone is supporting me. i really feel the power of yalls love and prayers.
So sorry this ends up being a short letter, i am trying to remember something i can write about and it is not happening. So i am going to write about what i have leaned recently.
So everyone who has ever known me they know that i am pridefull. :) i dont think i am now. Here is how i avoid it. So i get angry pretty fast when people correct me and try to tell me they have a better way. when i get these such feelings i simply get out my pen and write down something good about the person or the situation. this has helped alot. the oposite of pride is humility. the fastest way to be humble i think and i have come to know is by the principle of Gratitude. just count your blessings everyone,,,,,, it works.
Well thats about all folks. have a good week and i will email you in about 4 days. :)

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