Monday, November 5, 2012

  Alright so the miracle of the week is Evelyn. We have been teaching her for a while now but she just has all of the perfect questions. If she would come to church she would have them all answered. Well i know that she recieved an answer that the Book of Mormon is true, all she needs to do now is to act of what she knows is true. She is all ready to be baptized. If we can catch her 3 times this week we will have a baptism date for her. I am so excited to see her progress. She is doing well.
           So This week was kinda good. Last monday We taught our current baptism dates, Tony Gloria and Jessica Garcia. They are great people who are ready to be baptized. I know that they are ready and that they do want this change in their lives. Their parents are members and they have come a long way. About 12 weeks ago they were going to get devorced and the missionaries knocked into them and started teaching them the missionary lessons to see if it would bring them back together. that is what we are still doing. we are not giving advice we are simply teaching the lessons so they can keep the commitments. they are praying as a family. ( all 9 of them) They all read together often. they are a blessed family to be able to stay together. Tuesday we taught The glorias again. We also taugh 2 other lessons. The weather on tuesday was wierd. it was freezing cold in the middle of the day and towards the night it was like 90 degrees. ya really wierd. Wednesday for halloween we were not aloud to go trick or treating haha so we had a district meeting instead with cinimon rolls and tootsie rolls. Yup it was pretty fun. Thursday we made armor out of cardboard for a lesson on the armor of god. i will send a picture next week of the sweet armor we made. Friday we found a new investigator names manuel. he is super ready to be baptized. we are going to set a baptizm date with him next lesson. Saturday we taught about 5 lessons and it was probably the most spiritual day i have had on my mission due to the constant teaching we had. when we are in a 45 minute lesson it seems like it is only 5 minutes. it is because of the spirit that we feed. Saturday felt like an hour long. Yestarday was the day i found out who i am and what i am suppost to do as a missionary. People who have gone on a mission know what i mean.
           So i am glad to be in weatherford. my spanish is going through the roof and my testimony is growing. i am lucky to be where i am. I am happy to be a missionary and to be able to help others change their lives. I know that i am supposed to be on a mission. If anyone is still having doubts if they should go on a mission then stop having them and go. a mission will bless your live and the lives of other exceedingly.
          Elder Keller is a really good missionary. His Spanish is Excelent. i am pretty sure he speaks more gramaticly correct that the natives around here. We are being 100% obedient and nothing is holding us back from reaching our potential. we are haveing so much exito here in weatherford. We have 2 baptism dates and 2 progressing investigators.
          So i do not have alot of crazy stories. Do not be supprised by anything that happens in the future is all i have to say.

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