Tuesday, May 1, 2012

ok so this week is a rush... i do not have any time to email so i will make it quick. i love the mtc and i am glad to be leaving to the field. i am very excited. i know that i am in the right place at the right time. last week russel m nelson talked to us and it was sweet. he taught us about the plan of salvation. i am loving the gospel. the world is in a state of pre-cleansing. the church is being sounded in every ear. soon and sooner than all of us think the second coming will come with the very fires of hell that we will live in if we do not repent. the world is being prepared to be cleansed by fire. all those who do no repent will surley die. i am fearful for all of my friends and family who will not repent. have you ever seen a movie where the camera view is looking at the side of the hill and there is sound in the distance, the farther up the mountain you go the louder the sound gets, when you peak the top of the mountain you see the 300 million soldiers marching to destroy the little town at the base of the hill. the hill represents the blindness of the people in the world. they do not know that there is an army of 300million people about to kill them until it is too late. i feel the power of SATAN everyday trying to penatrate me and everyone in the world. he is real he is coming fast. the second coming is coming fast. repent. forget your pride and set your lives away and serve the lord. every member a missionary. Heaven=Eternal Progression with the ones you love, Hell=No Progression without those you love. please open your eyes everyone and see how pitiful we are if we do not use the atonement. i love the gospel. a testimony IS NOT YOURS do not keep it in. SHARE IT WITH EVERYBODY. if you do not you shall surely perrish!!! i love you all and i will email next week and tell you my address in texas. repent all ye ends of the earth and endure to the end!

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