Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hello!! how is everyone?? still havent heard from alot of you. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa tubbs and jacob for emailing me! Thank you wyatt, mom, and dad! thank you Googlemans!! thank you everyone! you all have heard that mail for a missionary is good. well i will tell you how good it is. its not...... haha just kidding! i love mail! i take one thing out of everyones email and apply it to my life as much as i can! you all help me so much more than you know. thank you so much for everyones support and prayers they are heard and anwered and acted upon. Jacob i cannot send you a tag until the field! the mtc are kinda butts about me getting more. but o well jacob i also need your home address.
So whats up everyone?
how are you wyatt? whats knew? i hear from untold sorces that you are trying to recruit people for swing chior. now didnt i tell you that you would like it? haha ya i loved swing chior! email me some pretty weird or awesome stories! ok? hey i can get and write mail very fast so you can also write me.
Hello emmett! happy birthday. that tie has been in the presence of the predident of the apostles! isn't that just cool! i know it is! emmett i know you dont like reading but if you read the book of mormon you will like reading. even though the book of mormon is confusing,if you read it out loud everyday you will soon understad it and find yourself reading it alot. happy birthday! Feliz Cupleamos
OLIVIA! you are my sister! you should be writing me! i am your only boyfriend you should have! :) i am just kidding. but ya! draw me some pictures and i will compare them to all of the rest of the sister pictures here at the mtc. i know that you will win! hey you to need to read the book of mormon!
Mom! thank you so much for your example! you have taught me alot! everyone should be reading the book of mormon like you do. I promise you and the entire family that if EVERYONE will make it there FIRST priority OVER EVERYTING to read the book of mormon that you will learn, grow, gain a testimony, have a happier day, reveive personal revelation. and when i say put this as your first priority that is what i mean. god is first and you will not enter into heaven without a knowledge of the gospel...(ppsst.. the gospel is the book of mormon.. that was a hint!) i love the book of mormon. put it above everything else. it is easy, if you put god first he will put you first. weird cocept!
Dad! well i know a just taste of the mission, and it is delicious!! o man i love it. thank you so much for your example. When i get off my mission i am going to make you read my journals and i will read yours! ok? :) love you so much and thank you for everything you do.
ok So this week was kinda downgrated from all the other weeks. no apostle came but o well. so i have been trying to decide what to write in my letter. but have no idea. so i am just going to type randomly until something comes up. so the entire schedule at the mtc changed so my p day is on tuesday this week and next week. i leave for texas in two weeks. it is amazing how time flys when you work it to death. there is not a lot that goes on at the mtc worth talking about. the food it... well i guess its food. haha but i love the teachers at the mtc. even though they are only two years older than me they are easily 15 years more mature. if anyone has any thoughts on not serving a mission than SHAME ON YOU. god has given you everything to you. just think of this. the dust of the earth is more obedient that anyone on earth. the dust  obeys everything it is told to you. so we should honestly be desinagrated because everyone is so disobedient. so be obedient and you will recieve blessings. thank you everyone for everything you all do. and remember...this will help you... SATAN CAN NOT READ YOUR THOUGHTS! he is nothing. he will not read your thoughts. but he is smart enough to put thoughts into your mind. he puts those thoughts in your mind when you walk around the earth. you see something and he puts a thought in. so to make satan blind to the things he puts in front of you. you must obey every commandment to blind satan. keep at it. the advesary can and will be eliminated!! gight for the right team. do not fight for a terrorist!
I love everyone and thank you so much for your support. (: love you all talk to you soon

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