Monday, April 2, 2012


hi! well this week was normal. everything has far extended its welcome at the MTC! i love the mtc but at times it can really just make you want to get into the field! i love being in the classroom studying spanish. i do not like the food. my companion does whatever he wants whenever he can and he tells everyone their problems. he sleeps all day in class and is hardley learning any spanish. o well! the only thing i can do is just love him and do what is right. anyway i love this gospel and i would do anything i am asked to make the work progress. i sang in the saturday afternoon seccion of conference! it was pretty cool! so i was sitting in the waiting area just waiting to go into the statium and some kid started to talk to me, i talked  to him foir about a half hour before i realized who he was. its strange to be talking to a celebrity and not even know it. ya david archuleta was talking to me, it was pretty cool. so we talked for a few more minutes. i am so excited to serve a mission and so ready to go into the field as soon as possible!!!! adios!!!
elder allen

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