Monday, April 16, 2012


i am doing great! so this week was awesome. we have simulated live investigators that we teach here at the mtc. so this week we committed one of them to be baptized in two weeks. its not that great but it took 5 blooming weeks. haha laugh it up. o well i am learning and me and my companion are finally getting along. i love the mtc. the food is finally just beyhond beliefly descusting but i still eat it. and i swear the food is not what is getting everyone sick... its those dang college rats. i saw them preparing fruit and they would cut it up into squares and pick it up and smell it and man handle it. Ew. they looked up and saw me and they must have seen moroni behind me or something because i put the fear of my salvation into their hands if i die without preaching the gospel. :) haha well that was the hilight of my week. so i am meeting everyone here at the mtc. there are a couple from malad. the howards. they served in the phillipeans. they are now i believe working at the mtc. they are awesome. i also saw spencer canova and sam wiscombe from jackson. it was pretty exciting! so there are alot of destractions from the outside world and i am proud to note that i am doing severly well on casting out the advesary. it is amazing how much i have grown. if any of you have time throughout your day......haha ya right you have all the time in the world compared to me. do not let any time go to waste!! time is like eternal life here. so i am commanding you to read "beware of pride"-by ezra taft bensen. i am commanding it, this means it must be done!!! so yestarday we were privelaged to here another apostle at the fireside. m. russel ballard spoke to us. it was amazing. so this is what you will do from now on everyone. Repent or live forever with your sins in hell with no eternal progression. Well this week was amazing and i want Letters people lettlers. you have so much free time! Use it for the better just dont sit around.!! thank you all. i love you all with all of my heart. stay strong
Elder dillon glen allen

did my money come back from the reged government yet? haha how are you? I love you sooooooo much!

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