Monday, April 9, 2012


hi mom and anyonelse. so this week i have been busy. as i might have mentioned before we had dallin h oaks speak to the mtc 3 weeks ago or so. well this yestarday being easter sunday and all we has boyd k. paker come talk to us. he is an old old man. but o well. he talked on the importance of repentance. it was awesome! i deffinately needed this confidence booster for my investigators here at the mtc. happy easter!! spanish is coming good. i am learning much about the gospel. i was released as the district leader!! it was my time!! (: so how is everyone doing? you know you can right me! i can write people inside the prison walls so you FREE people could write me every now and then. thanks (: well i got exptremely sick from this wonderful food! food poisoning! o well. the possotive thing about the food is making things out of it. cut stuff up and mix it! you would be supprised what is good! like a vanilla icecream/chilli cheese fry milkshake. it was the most obserd looking food but was so good! my favorite creation is my coconut orange banana fanta pie. SO pay attention it is good. when there is no banana pie (which is my favorite and they NEVER HAVE IT) anyway take the pretty much frozen coconut pie and scoop a big hole in the middle and pour orange fanta in the hole. put bananas around the hole for a seal tipe deal and put another piece of pie upsidown on the "creation" let it sit for 5 minutes and the fanta will be frozen when you eat it! it is the best thing in the world. another thing i love here at the mtc is all of devotionals every sunday and tuesday. i love them! well write me back. dont be affraid to mail me an acual letter (it means more)!!!!!

well i love the mtc but it is just rutuine and its driving me crazy. hey sorry i am doing horrible at english grammar. i made a goal not to speak english in the mtc during the day. so i only speak english mabe an hour a is driving me nuts to speak english. spanish is so much easier. and its beautiful.!!!!!! hey can you send me some links of all the tornatoes in fort worth texas that i keep hearing about on the news i want to put them in my journal. i am excited to go to fort worth! spanish and servise for two years! !que suave!

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