Monday, May 21, 2012

ok so this week we did ok. we could have done so much better but bad weeks happen according to my trainer. so i am kinda the type of person that will tell you my opinion especially when you ask me for it. so we have like a billion and a half "potential investigators" so we have to sort through them. how we do this is tell them why we are there what we do and what will be expected. it is then their choice to continue with the lessons. well i did this and now we only have half a billion people. so it is sweet to have investigators but we still need to find more. my companionship is awesome. we get doors slammed in our face. the first door i had slammed in my face my companion said well lets go. and i said nope he is being taught. i knocked on the door again and said listen i am going to tell you about the most important thing in the world and you are going to listen because you need what i am telling you. so we got in and taught him a lesson. that is how it is done. you gotta bold down here in texas. well that was my favorite thing this week. i gave to spanish priesthood blessings this week. one to a member and one to an investigator. it was pretty sweet. so besides the heat that i am just loving, we had a pretty good week this week. anyway whenever y'all are board y'all could write me ya know. my new address is
Elder Dillon Glen Allen
1400 West Valley Ridge Blvd
Lewisville, TX 75077
dont be afraid to write me the only person who will get bit or hurt during "this mailing letters to elder allen" is the mailman. i promise it will not hurt you. so i am glad i am on a mission. and every single male gender of age to go on a mission, you are making the biggest mistake of your life by not serving a mission. it teaches you so much. and it is the best two years. adios and dont forget to write me!

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